Each day at Foxhollow Farm is as beautiful as the last. We love to share it with you.

 Gearing up for derby? We've got 100% Grassfed Beef Tenderloins. #bluegrassfed #derby  Check out our partner grower @purepollenflowers and our old dairy barn. Both perfect for your next event! ・・・ #bridalluncheonflowerparty  "Milenio is thrilled about performing at this year's Foxhollow Farm Sunset Concert Series." --Rob Nickerson @Milenioband. See Milenio perform American pop songs with salsa rhythms on May 12th, and catch the entire Sunset Concert Series with a Series Pass. Only $45 for all 5 events. #foxhollowfarm #foxyconcerts  #madewithfoxhollow #repost @grindburgerkitchen ・・・ This week! Spicy sausage using @foxhollowfarmky lamb, blood orange whole grain mustard, mint and grapefruit #chimichurri slaw
 Happy Earth Day! #earthday #jumpforjoy #haybails #grassfedbeef #foxyconcerts  Looking for a cut of beef to try out your next great marinade? Skirt steak melds well with a variety of flavors. Now $11/lb in the Fox Shop this week or at the Winter St. Matthews market on Saturday.  Christopher is our Creative Guru and the Short Ribs of the bunch: trendy, flavorful, intimidating yet ultimately straightforward and yielding delicious results!  Maggie is our Director and the Ground Beef of our team; the core of our business, highly versatile, perennially popular, and perfectly complemented by a bottle of Malbec or Syrah. This month for every 5 lbs. of ground beef you purchase, we'll give you 1 lb. free! Promo only available in our Fox Shop.
 Spend your Earth Day at the farmers' market! Get our 100% grassfed beef from the Winter St. Matthews market until 1pm. #bluegrassfed #marketdays #earthday  #Repost @grindburgerkitchen #madewithfoxhollow ・・・ This week! Lamb poutine! Ancho lamb gravy, @kennyscheese curds, braised @foxhollowfarmky lamb  We are welcoming new members of our community this spring. So far, 40 out of 113 calves have been born.  Friends of the short rib: low, slow, and fall apart tender. Delicious. 10% Off Short Ribs only in our Fox Shop until April 16th. What to make this dish? Check out @foodiegirl_ky
 Meet Janey, our vision holder and the Skirt Steak of the team. Janey brings depth and flavor to the Foxhollow Farm Community, just like a marinated skirt steak does for any meal. Plus, she loves wearing skirts!  Try our 100% grassfed skirt steak for just $11/lb. Deal is only available in our Fox Shop or the Saturday farmers' market through 4/22. See you at the farm!  Coming soon to a location near you, the 2017 Sunset Concert Series poster. Series Passes on sale now! Link in profile to grab your ticket to a summer full of sunshine and music. #foxhollowfarm #foxyconcerts  What are Short Ribs? A wonderful braising option, cut from the plate or the chuck at the end of the ribs. The name "short rib" comes from the use of just 2-6 inches of the long beef rib. Get 10% off Short Ribs in our Fox Shop until April 16th.
 Unfold a skirt steak and see where this delicious cut of beef gets its name. Just $11/lb at the St. Matthews farmers' market today from 10-1pm!  Catch our Sunset Concert Series Orchestrator, Jesse, at Festival of Faiths this Thursday afternoon! #foxyconcerts @festoffaiths  Taking advantage of this beautiful day and planting some beets! Roasted beets are the perfect side dish to our delicious Grassfed Beef. #beets #kitchengarden #maggiescsa #grassfedbeef #sidedish