Our Team

The Foxhollow Farm Team is a group of individuals dedicated to sustainable food and farming.  Each staff member brings a valuable and unique skill set to our farm family. Visit us now.


Vision Holder

Janey is a 3rd generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. She is spearheading the family’s commitment to converting the family’s 1,300-acre tract of land into a biodynamic farming community. Janey has been a long-term advocate for health and well being of our community. It is those passions that lead her to found the Waldorf School of Louisville.  She now turns her attention to local food and introducing methods of biodynamic agriculture to Louisville. Janey enjoys combing her passions by leading educational tours of the farm for those interested in the greater details and deeper study of Biodynamic philosophy.


Acreage Archon

Brian has a background in Engineering with a degree from University of Michigan.  He brings his mathematical brain and determination to get at the root of a situation to his position at Foxhollow.  As property manager, he has his hands full with overseeing all of the buildings, residences, grounds, and equipment at the farm.  He also does the essential work of applying the Biodynamic sprays to our pastures. Constantly working and devoted to the farm, you’ll never find Brian in the same place at the same time!


Farm Girl

Maggie is a 4th generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. She is passionate about supporting farmers, providing our local community with 100% grassfed beef, and inviting folks out to Foxhollow’s annual Fall Festival and Concert Series. During the growing season, you’ll find her out in the garden and learning with the partner growers at Foxhollow Farm. Maggie is a graduate of the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University and serves as a board member for Dare to Care Food Bank and Slow Food Bluegrass. Weekly, you can listen to Maggie chat about farm life on The Farmer and The Foodie radio show.


Master Cattleman

Derek is Foxhollow Farm’s head herdsman. Derek has a BA from and is a Master’s candidate at Murray State University. His specialist field of study is beef cattle rotational grazing. Derek grew up in agriculture, and brings his enthusiasm in grazing methods and his love for animals to the Foxhollow Farm community. His innovative ideas have shaped the cattle program and health of the herd at Foxhollow Farm


Steaks Strategist

Sarah is the woman connecting our 100% grassfed beef with our local community. She has a liberal studies degree, with a focus in Communications from Northern Arizona University. But it is her extensive experience in natural and whole food retail made her a natural fit to extoll the virtues of our beef far & wide. When Sarah is not in the office making sales calls you can find her in the beef freezer collecting orders, delivering beef to fantastic restaurants and vendors in the area, visiting our processor or greeting our customers with a smile at the Farmers’ Market. You can reach Sarah at grassfedbeef@foxhollow.com.



Jesse handles event sales and coordination for Foxhollow Farm.  He has a B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  He grew up in rural western Massachusetts and adventured in Breckenridge, Colorado for a few years.  He brings his love of the outdoors, appreciation for all things culinary, and driven work ethic to the team at Foxhollow Farm.  In his spare time, he coordinates fun events at home with his enormous dog and adorable daughter, and can be found hiking, biking and playing guitar on his front porch.


Beef Connoisseur

Chad recently moved to Louisville from the Kansas City area with his wife and daughter. He brings with him a passion for grassfed beef! Chad is so passionate that he believes those who consume grassfed beef on a regular basis will gain super hero like abilities and powers. All kidding aside, Chad is very excited to be part of the Foxhollow Farm team. He has a background in working with kids that have learning and behavioral disabilities, and has seen the benefits that healthy eating has on children and families. Chad will be finishing his BA in psychology soon, with the eventual goal of entering a graduate program in psychology or social work.


Biodynamics Consultant

Laura has spearheaded the biodynamic program at Foxhollow Farm since 2007. She graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management with concentrations in Conservation Biology and Rangeland Ecology. Laura makes and applies biodynamic preparations to the land, and works with Derek observing pasture and cattle in the field. She is guiding Foxhollow Farm towards becoming a biodynamic farm organism.

Laura owns Bio-Ag Resources which makes preparations for several biodynamic farms and local gardens and offers advisory services. Laura speaks at conferences around the country, where she introduces Biodynamic concepts to farmers. For more information about Laura’s biodynamic consulting, contact bio-agresources@hotmail.com.



Skiles grew up a mile down the road from Foxhollow Farm and is our resident jack-of-all trades.  As property assistant, he spends most of his time working with the whole team to keep the farm running smoothly.  He enjoys working with residents on the farm to make Foxhollow the best community it can be.