Farm Internship Opportunity in Oldham County, Kentucky

Foxhollow Farm's Internship Program in Oldham County, Kentucky

Learn, live, work, and grow through Foxhollow’s Farm Internship Program located in Oldham County, Kentucky. Experience first hand the lifestyle of a farmer and get a holistic view of a Biodynamic Farm Community. Maggie Keith and Pavel Ovechkin teach aspiring farmers how to grow food. Hands on learning takes place through discussion and lessons in the field, training throughout the gardens, and Biodynamic classes lead by Foxhollow’s proprietor. A pasture experience led by our Head Herdsman and educational visits to other farms are also a part of the farm internship. Learn more about Pavel’s Garden:  Website  | Instagram 


All 2017 internship positions are filled.

If you would like to be considered for 2018 please complete the job application and send with a cover letter, resume, and three business references to All intern applicants must fill out a Foxhollow Application to be considered for the position.