About our Beef

Grassfed Beef is better for you and better for the environment:

Higher in Omega 3s than grainfed counterparts

Ounce for ounce, lower in calories and saturated fat than grainfed

High in vitamin A and E

Rich in taste and in protein

A more humane way to raise cattle

Grassfed beef tastes different from conventional beef raised on grain.  It makes sense that the diet of the animal changes the flavor of the meat.  In this case, we’re changing the cow’s diet back to what it should be:  grass.  Cattle are designed to eat grass and here they do it well, helping us create healthier pastures along the way. 

The simplest way to describe the flavor of our 100% grassfed beef is that it has character.  Our beef actually tastes like real beef, the beef that our parents and grandparents grew up eating.  The flavor is earthy and rich, with subtle mineral notes.  Grassfed beef is naturally lean, so the marbling we’re used to seeing in conventional beef is less prevalent, although grassfed fat content varies by cut and grind.

Low and slow cooking is the key for buttery, tender grassfed beef.   For more tips on cooking grassfed beef, click here.

Our 100% grassfed beef is meat you can trust.  When you eat beef from Foxhollow Farm, you know that a package of ground beef comes from one cow with no antibiotics and no hormones.  All Foxhollow Farm animals are processed locally at a USDA inspected facility.  To learn more about our cows, see our “About the Herd” page.

The best way to decide if grassfed beef is right for you is to try it. You can purchase our beef online, by calling us at 502.797.0005, or through email.


We are members of the American Grassfed Association. Read their membership standards on humane treatment.

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