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Beef Shares

3 Benefits of a Beef Share

It used to be commonplace for families to purchase a hog or cow from their neighbor farmer.  They’d store it away in the chest freezer and have a piece of mind knowing there was enough meat to last the entire year.  That fell by the wayside as large supermarkets, busier lifestyles and online stores became the norm. We strive to reconnect families to the source of their food while offering simplicity and convenience to the process of eating locally.  Here are 3 benefits to purchasing a beef share:

It allows for easier meal prep. Think of the stocked away beef in your chest freezer as another pantry.  When you always have a supply of locally raised, healthy meat it’s easier to plan out meals for the week.  Your parents are coming for an impromptu visit this weekend? You’ll be glad to have a chuck roast already on hand for a hearty and comforting dinner.  

You might discover your new favorite cut.  When you purchase a beef share, you’ll get plenty of ground beef and roasts, but you’ll also get to try out cuts you may not have bothered to buy in the past, making for some extra fun in the kitchen.

Beef Shares are cost effective. Buying our beef in bulk takes out the middle man a lot of busywork, allowing us to lower the price for you.  You will be paying a much lower price per pound for premium cuts such as ribeye, NY strip, and filets.

Interested in trying out a share?  Check out our beef share options!