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3 Ways to Boost Your Self Care

Schedules are hectic after summer fun comes to a close. We keep hearing about all those people “carving out me time” on their phone calendars. What does that mean, exactly? A spa day or week long golf vacation isn’t always the most realistic. At Foxhollow Farm, we strive to take time in simple yet effective ways. Biodynamics means taking what you already have and making it better, whether that’s how you care for land, animals, or yourself. In order to truly succeed in our mission as land stewards, it’s imperative to stay physically and mentally on our A-game.

Even as your days get crazier, taking just a few minutes can change your outlook, give you energy, and rejuvenate your body. Here are our top 3 simple ways to boost your self care.


  1. Move Your Body. For some folks, that means hiking in the beautiful forests of Bernheim or the Parklands. For others, it means spending time in your garden really yanking out those weeds. For others, it means hopping on your trampoline with your kids for thirty minutes (trust us, they’ll giggle the entire time). Breaking a little sweat and feeling the sunshine can work wonders – plus all those endorphins will make you feel great for hours afterwards.

  1. Fuel Your Body. We’ve all been told, “you are what you eat,” but sometimes eating well is easier said than done. When days get busy, we reach for whatever’s most convenient, whether that’s fast food or frozen pizza. It doesn’t have to be this way! There are lots of quick and easy meals, such as our Simple Sloppy Joes or Beef Kofta with Veggie Kabobs that can be made in under 30 minutes. We also are really digging healthy alternatives that come right to our front door, like Foxhollow Delivery or the Juice Ritual from the Weekly Juicery. Taking even ten minutes to refuel with nutritious, healthy, local food can up your energy levels.

  1. Pause Your Body. Taking time to reflect doesn’t have to mean hours in meditation. Simply say NO to screen time and light a candle. Open a book (our top pick is Killing It: An Education by Camas Davis). Stick some flowers in a vase in your kitchen. Nap. Take a bath. If ten minutes is all you have, breathe deeply and think of three things you’re grateful for. Work with what you have; the important thing is remember to stay present.

What are YOU doing this week for self-care? It doesn’t have to be fancy. We want to hear how you’re taking care of yourself!


Photography by Trent and Kendra Photography.