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4 Flavor Packed Herbs that will step up your 100% GrassFed Beef

We are on a mission to pair our herbs with our equally delicious beef and wanted to share what we learned along the way. Try out these incredible recipes with fresh ingredients from our garden.

  1. Basil has a bright, peppery flavor with a hint of mint. Basil is known for pesto but it has many other wonderful uses in the kitchen. We believe Basil is best paired with our classic 80/20 ground beef to make Thai Basil Beef (Pad Gra Prow).
    2. Sage has a sweet, almost bitter taste which is why it is no surprise why we love to pair it with the ever savory Garlic. This combo makes the most delicious topping for a marinating steak.
    3. Parsley is an underappreciated herb that has a way of enhancing flavor. Boasting a very fresh and slightly peppery taste, we love adding it to our beef kafta.
    4. Thyme has a very earthy flavor and is an all-around herb that can step up just about any dish- but we think the flavor is best utilized in roast beef.