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4 Safe Outdoor Activities that Bring Connection

Connecting with nature has always been at the core of our mission. These past few months have been tough to say the least and connection has seemed more challenging than ever. Covid-19 has brought about a lot of anxiety, fear, and loneliness. Daily farm chores have kept us grounded- planting, harvesting, rotating cattle, watering pigs, snuggling baby chics, and swimming in the creek have invited us to appreciate this vast farmland.

For the past twelve years, we have invited thousands of people to explore, experience, and be with nature at Foxhollow Farm. Since Covid-19, we have closed our hypothetical barn doors to concerts, festivals, and corporate events. While we miss inviting families out to experience our working Biodynamic farm, we have found more intimate ways to connect with friends, family, and nature. Here are a few creative ways we have found to connect in the great outdoors during this pandemic.

Four safe outdoor activities that bring connection during Covid-19:

1. Paint a portrait. You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate this activity. This is the perfect way to connect with a best friend outdoors and stay 6 feet apart. What to bring: paper, a chair, a hard surface to draw on, and colored pencils, watercolor paint, or your kids' crayons. This activity can be done in your backyard, at a park, over Zoom, or even in an abandoned parking lot. If you choose to meet up in person outdoors, face your socially distanced chairs towards each other, and start drawing. It is amazing how close you can feel to someone while staying a safe distance.

2. Visit the outside of historical sites in your town. This might take a little research but you are guaranteed to learn something new! Choose a building or monument with a nice lawn, large parking area, or sidewalk where you can feel safe and free to roam outside.  Bring your family or meet a friend outside the site. You can search for information on your smartphone and read-aloud interesting facts about the site. You could even save an endangered historic building from being town down like our neighborhood’s Oldham County Courthouse. 3. Flower meditation. This can be done alone or with a partner. It’s as simple as looking at a flower for 5 minutes. You can go deeper and imagine the flower growing from seed, blooming, then dying back and falling into the soil. It’s a pretty fun date night activity too! I suggest taking a hike together and picking a flower that reminds you of your partner. Then, exchange flowers and meditate in a nice shaded area outside. Here is an intro to Flower Meditation to get you started.

4. Picnic. Is there a better way to enjoy local food and good company? If you’re looking for a fantastic mix of local meats and seafood delivered straight to your door, check out our Foxhollow DeliveryHealthy at Home box. Want a  little something sweet to add to your picnic? Check out our Foxhollow Delivery Meats and Sweets Box.

Wishing everyone a little connection and time with nature.