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4th July Party

4th of July Party Ideas #farmlife style

We Are Celebrating The 4th of July This Year With Hot Dogs!

100% Grassfed Beef burgers, and of course a killer playlist inspired by our Sunset Concert Series. Below are our top five ways to celebrate the 4th of July farm style.

1. The Perfect Hot Dog

Feeling too cool for British rule? Forget those lame pork hot dogs, try our all beef hotdogs. The hardworking farmers here at Foxhollow, as well as the farm kids, take pleasure in these salty, smoky, and 100% Grassfed Beef delight. Interested in elevating your hot dog experience? Make your own quick pickles out of farm fresh produce. Check out Foodie Girl’s quick pickle recipe for jalapenos here. A quick note; you can pickle more than just Jalapenos. Throw in your whole CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) basket with Foodie Girl’s recipe, including, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, and garlic!  

Chowing down on a hot dog

2.Microplane a little flavor into your burgers.

If you have not fallen in love with microplaning yet, now is the time. We learned this little trick from Chef Ed Lee with The Lee Initiative. It’s garlic season in Kentucky and fresh onions are being plucked from the soil this time of year as well. Microplane garlic and onion into your burger mix before you make patties. For adults, we suggest making 3 patties per pound of our 100% grassfed Beef Ground Beef (80/20 mix). For kiddos, you can make 6 sliders per pound.  Check out our Party Pack (10 lbs of 100% grassfed ground beef) - It’s the perfect 4th of July party in one pack.

3. Sip on something refreshing...spike it if you would like.

 At our Sunset Concert Series, our Lavender Lemonade is admired by many thirsty souls and it’s easy to make. In a pitcher, mix some lemonade, lavender simple syrup, and freshly sliced lemons. Want to spice it up a notch? Add a shot of Deep Eddy Vodka or Lunazul Tequila? And enjoy. 

4. Stay Cool As a Cucumber

Stayin CoolSome sort of water is usually needed since it is typically hot and humid here in Kentucky on the 4th of July. We like to use a big tarp to make a homemadeslip n’ slide, hike down to the swimming hole, or simply spray a hose in the air and watch as the kids run through (and sweaty farmers).

5. Music Makes the Party!

 Here are some artists you can find on Spotify that we will be grooving to this 4th of July: Joslyn & The Sweet Compression, Nellie Pearl, Nick Dittmeier & The Saw Dusters, Magnolia Boulevard... Oh and BTW, all these folks have played at the farm at Our Sunset Concert Series. 

From our farm family to yours, we wish everyone a safe, delightful, and fun-filled 4th of July. 


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