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Foxhollow Farm
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Crestwood, KY 40014

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15 Miles north of Louisville, KY

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Our herd of approximately 300 cattle is a mixture of breeds:  Red Angus, Barzona, Corriente, and Jersey.  Our head herdsman is working to breed cows that are particularly suited to our land, Kentucky’s climate, and doing what they do best—eating grass. Simply put, every calf born into Foxhollow Farm’s herd is more suited to our environment than its parents were. 

Our ultimate vision is to create a “closed herd,” so that every cow on our pastures was born on our pastures, virtually eliminating the herd’s exposure to outside pathogens and creating the healthiest herd possible.

This commitment to the health of our herd leads us to raise cattle differently than conventional farms. 

  • We don’t rush our cattle to maturity with growth hormones.
  • We don’t fatten them with grain that their bodies can’t digest.
  • We don’t fill healthy animals with antibiotics, because healthy cows in fresh air and open pasture don’t need them.

In the rare instance that one of our animals does become ill, the comfort and health of that animal always comes first.  We begin with homeopathic remedies and only use antibiotics as a last resort.  Any animal that has been treated with antibiotics will never be sold to our customers as a Foxhollow Farm product.

Our guiding principle is to reduce stress for our cattle. 

We do this by giving them an environment that best suits their nature.  We never use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other “–cides” on our pasture.  The only fertilizers we need are compost, cow manure, and biodynamic preparations.  Our cattle graze on fresh pastures every day in a system called “rotational grazing.”  In turn, they pass  nutrients on to the soil through their manure. 

To learn more about our pastures and rotational grazing, see our “About the Pastures” page.