Each day at Foxhollow Farm is as beautiful as the last. We love to share it with you.

 We're getting Foxhollow Delivery Holiday Specials ready for you! Stay tuned for some awesome deals on our Holiday Boxes. They make perfect gifts!#foxhollowdelivery  As you get ready to host holiday gatherings, stock up on 100% bluegrass-fed beef. $50 off our Crew Box. Link in Profile. - - - #foxhollowdelivery #fromourfarmtoyourdoor #holidayparty : @trentandkendra  The joy of sharing a delicious meal with the ones you love shines bright when you seek ingredients from farmers you trust. Thank you home cooks for supporting our farm and trusting us to raise 100% Grassfed Beef in the best way possible. - - - #grassfedbeef #foxhollowdelivery #homecooks #fromourfarmtoyourdoor #ittakesacommunity #kentuckyproud #gatherings #bluegrassfed #mycommontable #cookingwithlove : @trentandkendra  We Iove our happy cows! Grassfed Beef heals the land and warms our hearts. - - - #bluegrassfed #madewithfoxhollow #grassfedbeef #farmlife #localfoodie #cattlefarm #oldhamcounty #ketocarnivore #meatheals #happycow
 Say hello to our new favorite holiday season tradition... super duper family friendly dinner (by @duckduckbeetfarm) and a movie nights! We have two festive dates: Thursday, November 29th and Tuesday, December 11th. 6-8pm. Tickets are a must so visit events page for more info! - - - #movienight #familyfun #familytime #tistheseason  Is fall always this breathtakingly beautiful? : @trentandkendra  We are a Biodynamic Farm Community that makes our own Biodynamic Preparations to heal the land! This week we made compost preparations out farm gathered items such as dandelions, chamomile, and oak bark. - - - #biodynamic #biodynamicfarm #familyfarm #ittakesacommunity  “Each biodynamic farm or garden is an integrated, whole, living organism. This organism is made up of many interdependent elements: fields, forests, plants, animals, soils, compost, people, and the spirit of the place. Biodynamic farmers and gardeners work to nurture and harmonize these elements, managing them in a holistic and dynamic way to support the health and vitality of the whole. Biodynamic practitioners also endeavor to listen to the land, to sense what may want to emerge through it, and to develop and evolve their farm as a unique individuality.” Want to learn more? Visit
 Dear Fall, please stay with us for a little longer. Moo, foxy cows.  @trentandkendra  We had the pleasure of taking pictures in a dreamy white kitchen today! Foxhollow Delivery Holiday Box behind the scenes photos. #fromourfarmtoyourdoor  Happy Halloween. May your day be filled with pumpkin spice, Grassfed Beef chili, and a reasonable amount of candy. #halloween  ‘‘Tis the season for family gatherings and parties! Did you know we have beautiful spaces for groups from 10 to 200? Contact us for more info soon! . . . #foxhollowparty #partyonafarm #itsalmostnovember
 Monday Motivation. Enjoy all of life’s pleasures! #mondaymotivation #hifivedoughnuts  Get out and vote! It’s your life and your community! #vote  We are celebrating Fall with morning hikes, afternoon tea, and beef stew. How are you celebrating fall?  Grassfed Beef is Grrrrrreat!!!! High in Omega 3s, low in calories and saturated fat, High in vitamin A and E, Rich in taste and in protein, and the healthiest way to raise cattle. _ _ _ #Sundaymotivation #omega3 #grassfed : @trentandkendra
 Sunday’s are for Meatloaf!!! Also, last chance to get $50 off our Foxhollow Delivery Crew Box! If you've been thinking about trying Foxhollow Delivery, this is a great time to have our 100% Grassfed Beef delivered to your front door. Offer ends at midnight tonight (Sunday, November 11th). Link in profile for details!  Have you ever tried cooking with flat iron? If not, you’re missing out! This lean cut makes an excellent stir fry to warm you up on these cool autumn evenings and for the month of November, IT’S ON SALE for just $10/lb. Come visit us at the Fox Shop soon! #fallcooking #bluegrassfed •:@foodiegirl_ky  Beep Beep Beep. We deliver beef to you so you can stay warm and cozy at home. Foxhollow Delivery! - - - #fromourfarmtoyourdoor #foxyconcerts #bluegrassfed #littlebluetruck #louisvilleeats #kentuckyproud #kentuckyfarms #chevytrucks #chevyapache #foodsubscription #maketimeforlife : @bevytp