Each day at Foxhollow Farm is as beautiful as the last. We love to share it with you.

 Oh hi guys  . #grassfedlamb #bluegrassfed  Be the first to hear the Sunset Concert Series lineup & learn how to WIN free 100% Grassfed Beef by signing up for our e-newsletter- link in profile #foxyconcerts #summerconcertseries  Our team at Foxhollow has been working on perfecting WHAT we do for years — raising 100% Grassfed Beef, hosting the Sunset Concert series every summer, and welcoming the community to our Fall Festival. However, recently we’ve been reflecting on the WHY. Why this farm? Why here? Why Grassfed Beef? Our herdsmen, partner growers, and staff at Foxhollow get up every morning because we believe we are putting something sustainable, something real, back into the land. We believe that our small farm and herd of cattle are fixing the broken food system by providing an alternative to large-scale factory farms. We believe that we are treating our animals with dignity and respect throughout their lives on our pastures. We believe that we are feeding our animals what they were designed to eat - grass - and not corn, grain, antibiotics, or added hormones... We believe YOU are part of this process, and we all are part of this healing. Read our latest blog post on the WHY using the link in our bio.
 Drumroll PLEASE... the 2018 Sunset Concert Series lineup is: May 11: @roanoke_music & The Family Secret June 8: @zachlongoriaproject & The Dive July 13: Yapa & Hey Hey Honey August 10: @bendigofletcher & Mark Charles Heidinger September 14: @brettratliff & @thelocalhoneys Get your season pass using the link in our bio! It’s only $45 for a season pass (that means you can skip two concerts and it’s still a better deal than buying at the door). This deal is only up until Feb 28, so come get excited about long summer evenings and foot-tappin’ music with us!  How do you treat yo' self? We treat ourselves each week at the farm with a team lunch, like these zoodles with Foxhollow #grassfed beef sauce! #treatyoself #teamlunch  It’s game day! What are you cooking? Bonus points if you’re using Foxhollow’s 100% Grassfed Beef! #madewithfoxhollow #gameday #partyfood
 Thanks to all who purchased a Sunset Concert Series Pass! Congrats Lisa, winner of a #foxhollowdelivery Crew Box! Series Pass is $45, only until Feb 28th, link in bio for details #foxyconcerts  We’re partnering with Oldham County Community Scholarships at our June event. Check out our latest blog to learn more, link in profile. #foxyconcerts #oldhamcounty  We had so much fun sampling at @nortonhealth cafe this afternoon. They’re featuring our stew beef in their cafe every Thursday during February... so stop by and warm up! #bluegrassfed #grassfedfebruary
 Happy Valentine’s Day from Foxhollow Farm! We love getting to share our farm with you, whether it’s through our concerts, events, or 100% Grassfed Beef. We love being part of this thriving and growing Louisville community. We love our partner restaurants, schools, hospitals, chefs, and distributors. We love connecting with the land and producing good, slow food. Thanks for being part of our journey — how are you going to #sharethelove today? #happyvalentinesday  Our work at Foxhollow is a labor of love; for our land, our relationship with food and our community. Come visit to learn more, take a walk on our nature trail and be a part of something awesome. #sharethelove #laboroflove #foxhollowfarm  Shopping for a CSA this year? Check out @pavelsgarden ... he’s one of our partner growers at Foxhollow and his vegetables are simply delicious!
 Be the first to hear the Sunset Concert Series lineup and WIN a 1-time #foxhollowdelivery offer worth $225 only available to Foxhollow e-newsletter followers, sign up to learn how to WIN - link in profile. #foxyconcerts #summerconcerts #louisvillemusic  Today, we want to #sharethelove with our partner restaurants! We enjoyed team lunch this afternoon at @oskarssliderbar. Our 100% Grassfed Beef is featured in their classic cheeseburger slider. And they’re open for lunch AND dinner now! #sliders #madewithfoxhollow #grassfedbeef  Who are you cheering for this Sunday? If you’re interested in Philly cheesesteaks (and like to root for an underdog ), we recommend using short ribs! This tasty cut is inexpensive and packed with flavor. Pro tip: put the short ribs in the freezer for 30-60min before cutting to get very thin shavings perfect for cheesesteaks. Full recipe on our blog (link in bio)!