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Author: Maggie Keith

Better for the Animals, Better for You, Better for the Earth

Humane Farming We often think of biodynamic farming as chemical free, but did you know that biodynamic standards dictate farming is cruelty-free? Humane treatment of all farm animals is a requirement of biodynamic farming that is incredibly important, but often overlooked in articles on the methods. Biodynamic farming doesn’t look at animals as a means […]

Does Biodynamic Food Mean Healthy?

Soil Matters One of the major concerns of modern life is how we’ll feed the increasing number of people on our planet. Part of this concern comes from the depletion of soil nutrients due to ‘indiscriminate use of agro-chemicals over the past 5-6 decades,” which has “adversely affected soil fertility, crop productivity, produce quality and […]

Can Farming Heal the World?

“Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture, so if we’re going to really impact climate change, agriculture is the number one way to do that. If you build really healthy farms, they’re going to sequester carbon faster than taking every gas-guzzling car off the road.”  -Elizabeth Candelario, Demeter  Self Sustaining Ecosystems “The best fertilizer […]

Biodynamics – Wisdom of the Past, Vision of the Future

Before Organic there was Biodynamics Today, most people can find organic products and commodities in a local grocery store. The certified organic label is on products from meat to beets to soap to candy. Many people don’t know that before organic there was biodynamic - the oldest clean farming method in modern western agriculture. Biodynamic […]

Biodynamic Farming, A Profound Approach to Farming and Land Stewardship

Question: What do a 19th century philosopher and award-winning wines have in common? Answer: Everything. A Profound Approach to Farming and Land Stewardship If you’ve heard of biodynamics (before Foxhollow) it might be because wine producers were the earliest adopters of biodynamic practices in the U.S.. Many of these wine producers have established successful biodynamic […]

How to Quickly Thaw Beef

It’s inevitable. You need to thaw your frozen 100% Grassfed Beef pronto. The good news is, you can actually thaw our vacuum sealed, flash frozen grassfed beef pretty quickly. If you have your freezer stocked with some of Foxhollow Farm’s 100% Grassfed Beef way to go! You are ahead of the game and a well-prepared […]

Is Grassfed Beef Healthier than Fake Meat?

I’ve been concerned and disturbed by the buzz around fake meat. Fake meat is not the answer to the environmental and nutritional devastation we are facing. Fake meat is not an alternative that is best for our farmland or you and your loved ones wanting to eat healthy food.  We need to eat less meat, […]

4th of July Party Ideas #farmlife style

100% Grassfed Beef burgers, and of course a killer playlist inspired by our Sunset Concert Series. Below are our top five ways to celebrate the 4th of July farm style. Feeling too cool for British rule? Forget those lame pork hot dogs, try our all beef hotdogs. The hardworking farmers here at Foxhollow, as well […]

The Best Summer BBQ

Summer is a time for gathering, noshing on fall-off-the-bone ribs, smoking hunks of meat, and throwing the perfect al fresco parties. Here at Foxhollow Farm, we are pretty used to being outside. We also understand that outdoor entertaining can be tough...thunderstorms, humidity, and mosquitoes can put a damper on a backyard BBQ. Shotty forecasts and […]

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day

One of my jobs growing up was to light the charcoal chimney before my dad got home from work. My dad is a grill master – or at least he is in my eyes. Every time I smell a grill being started I think of my dad and the conversations we would have on the […]