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Author: Heather Mattingly

Beating the Winter Blues

The whole world, it seems, is gray. Cold. Dreary. And my start-of-February mood matches the view from my window. Gray. Cold. Dreary. When grumping to my friends about this, it becomes clear that I am not the only one who feels this way. The cheer of the holidays is long passed, the garden is still […]

Why Chicken Raised with Love Costs More

Most of us are aware of the many benefits of eating pasture-raised chicken.  And we want to purchase chicken that spent its life in a healthy, happy setting- as opposed to the kind of tortured existence mass-produced poultry endure. However, chicken from industrial feeder farms continues to find its way onto our tables. Why? In […]

The Seed Chronicle Series – The Sweetest Spuds

Though we are still in the middle of the fall season, the blanket of snow we woke up to this weekend suggests that perhaps winter is closer than some of us might like. As the temperature drops, I start to crave those classic comfort foods: soups, stews, roasts, a perfectly seared steak and sweet potatoes.    […]

The Seed Chronicles Series – Glass Gem Popcorn

I’m often asked what makes an heirloom seed, “heirloom.”  Scientific designations notwithstanding, the single greatest thing that makes a seed an heirloom is the story behind the seed. I like to hold these seeds in my hand and think about the people who worked so diligently to create this unique little gem. People who recognized […]

3 Benefits of a Beef Share

It used to be commonplace for families to purchase a hog or cow from their neighbor farmers.  They’d store it away in the chest freezer and have a piece of mind knowing there was enough meat to last the entire year.  That fell by the wayside as large supermarkets, busier lifestyles and online stores became […]

Learnin’ Your Pumpkins 🎃

Our self-serve pumpkin patch is officially open dawk to dusk, seven days a week, until sell out! Celebrate the fall season by picking an heirloom pumpkin planted and grown right here at Foxhollow Farm. Below is a breakdown of the differences in this season's favorite gourds, so you can know exactly what pumpkin to pick […]

Indulgent Winter Recipe Round Up!

If you're anything like me, then you are always on the lookout for recipe inspiration! In my home, we keep things simple and follow a predictable weekly rhythm with plenty of room for interpretation! Here are some of our indulgent winter favorites: Monday: Chicken and/or Pasta! Chicken + Gravy works fabulously in a dutch oven. We usually […]

Happy Hygge Holidays!

A few years ago, I learned about the Danish word 'hygge' and thought: "Ah! That's the word I've been looking for!" I think it is one of the most perfect words. I've always strived to decorate spaces so that they evoke a certain feeling - my office, my kitchen, my porch - and I never knew […]

The Proof is in the Energy

Perhaps you know that the land on which Foxhollow resides has changed hands and evolved quite a bit over the years. (If not, you can read our story here). Partner growers, events, business ideas, and employees have come and gone over the years, but visitors continue to be drawn to this land. I have been trying to […]

Finding Awareness this Fall

Morning routines and rhythms bring predictability to our days. Whether your mornings involve children or pets, workouts, or simply walking to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, our day often begins with a comfortable sequence of events that get us out the door. The smallest, seemingly insignificant moments give us the opportunity to bring […]