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Author: Jennifer Smith

Sneaking Veggies Past Your Miniature Gatekeepers

We’ve all seen it. A tiny tyrant spies a vegetable on the plate and point-blank refuses to try it. That resolute “No” is exasperating! And let’s admit it—sometimes we’re the tiny tyrant—reaching for comfort food when we know a veggie is a healthier choice.  Good news—these sneaky recipes are the perfect way to get your […]

Day in the Life of Delilah

Hello, I’m Deliliah and I live here at Foxhollow. I have brown eyes, auburn hair, and I’m one year and three quarters old. I weigh about 980 lbs. I know...I’m a little on the smaller side for my age.  That’s me.

Making Grateful Meaningful during COVID-19

People keep calling this the new normal but it’s not. It is a short blip in our lives. But as anyone who's been through a life-changing event can tell you, it’s not how long the moment lasts, it’s how the moment changes you. Over the past two months, I’ve been through a ton of emotions, […]

Nourishing and Rebalancing During COVID-19

Nourishing in “the New Normal” Many people are calling this time “the new normal.” It makes sense. We’ve made swift changes and begun adapting to them. Schools who have never offered non-traditional instruction have had to come up with a plan fast. People who’ve never worked from home are trying Zoom meetings and new project […]

Sustaining During COVID-19

This pandemic has led me to think a lot about the word “sustain.” We often think of a farm as “sustainable” or hear that a victim “sustained” an injury, but the word has three distinct meanings. It amazed me how different each meaning is, and yet how each spoke powerfully about the experience we’re all […]

Finding Value During COVID-19

Crisis could be defined as a moment in time that shakes us to our foundation and forces us to come face to face with asserted values versus values in action. It is a time that asks, “what matters to you?”, and requires our immediate and most honest answer. In a crisis we don’t get a […]