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Getting into the Back to School Routine

Letting Go of the Summer

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to return to back to school mornings. For the first time, as a parent, I’m part of the back to school rush. My son is almost 3 and starting his first school year. I’m new to this whole ‘end of summer’ thing and already starting to get a little anxious about getting back into a steady routine.

There are a lot of farm kids here at Foxhollow. In the summertime you will see them helping water early in the mornings, lounging in a hammock under a shade tree in the middle of the day, palling around with their farmer Mom or Dad throughout the day, and playing a game of pick up soccer after supper. Those times will be missed...but there is crispfall weather and the  Harvest Hoedown to look forward to! 

In anticipation for the upcoming school year, I decided to come up with three back to school goals.

Playing at the Bluebird Cottage
Playing in the Dirt

Here Are My 3 Goals to Make the Back to School Transition Easier

1. Meal Plan

As our routines transition from a leisurely pace to end of year deadlines, homework, and after school activities; it’s time to meal plan. I am going to plan my meals based on local ingredients and learn new ‘make ahead’ dinners that are quick and easy to reheat. Foxhollow Farm’s 100% Grassfed Beef Party Pack will be the perfect ingredient for taco nights, spaghetti and meatballs, and Cuban picadillo

2. Morning Connection

Before I send my son, Miles, off to school. I am going to spend 5 ‘quality time’ minutes to really connect. When I've intentionally focused on this before, I’ve  noticed a dramatic shift in his mood and confidence. Activities include, checking on the chickens together, play “cutting hay” with his toy tractors, or just simply singing songs and laughing as he makes up new words to old classics.  

3. Me Time

Instead of rushing around trying to accomplish everything I possibly can while I have some free time without a toddler running around, I am going to take some time to connect with me. Whether that is going to a workout class (I’m a huge fan of Barre3), journaling, cooking, or hiking - I’m going to make the time. How do I carve out more time in a day? By taking the easy road and signing up for simple solutions like Foxhollow Delivery.


Looking Towards the Fall

While colorful leaves and pumpkins patches are in our near future, I’ll miss spending hours on the porch with family enjoying conversation and testing out new grilling recipes. I’ll miss the feel of community as we scurry to complete peak season farm chores; embracing the early morning light and late evening glow. However, I do imagine part of the back to school routine will include, tucking the kids into bed early, and heading outside to make my way through the pastures and into the pumpkin patch and fall garden. The sun sinking beneath the furthest treeline, radiating golden light throughout the farmland.