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Is Grassfed Beef Healthier than Fake Meat?

Is Grassfed Beef Healthier than Fake Meat?

I’ve been concerned and disturbed by the buzz around fake meat. Fake meat is not the answer to the environmental and nutritional devastation we are facing. Fake meat is not an alternative that is best for our farmland or you and your loved ones wanting to eat healthy food.  We need to eat less meat, […]

Beef Shepard’s Pie Recipe

It's winter. You've survived the holiday rush. Congratulate yourself and reward your family with a healthy, hearty and delicious Beef Shepard's Pie. This is one of our FAVORITES. Shepards Pie is a great way to comfortably feed a family of 4 dinner and still have some left over for the rest of the week. BTW […]

Foxy Holidays

Last week’s snow has us feeling eager for the holidays! With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas following swiftly behind, we are suddenly overcome with thoughts of gift giving, caroling, cozy nights, and of course, delicious meals shared with friends and family. “Winter is a time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the […]


Most of us have gone our whole life thinking the term ‘cow’ represents all cattle - we’re wrong.   Today we’re going to breakdown the difference between a heifer, a cow, a bull, and a steer. Let’s start with the ladies first; a heifer is a female that has never had a calf. Once she […]

Fall on the Farm

Fall is a great time to settle back and reflect. Foxhollow Farm welcomes fall visitors who are looking to reconnect with themselves or with mother nature. Below are a list of some of our favorite ways to unwind during fall on the farm! Visit our pumpkin patch during October and pick your pumpkin! Nothing says […]

Are Ewe Ready For Fall?

The colder weather has us dreaming about nights in with good company and a delicious, warm meal. One of our favorite ways to stay cozy in the kitchen is by cooking 100% grassfed lamb! From burgers to stuffed squash, ground lamb is as diverse as ground beef but with a much more hearty, earthy flavor. 

Pumpkins and The Fox Shop in October

Fall is the time of year where you crave being outdoors, surrounded by fall foliage and pumpkins. A lot of folks have asked us “can we pick pumpkins at Foxhollow Farm?”. Well, good news folks… You can pick pumpkins at Foxhollow Farm! We’re opening our pumpkin patch for a pre-Harvest Hoedown sneak peak on Saturday, […]

Where Did The Fall Festival Go?

Foxhollow Farm’s Fall Festival had a great run for 11 years. It was the highlight of many families’ fall activities. However, the annual Fall Festival was outgrowing our farm's capacity. We love that folks want to come out and experience our Biodynamic farmland, but with attendance reaching up to 10,000 people, it was too much […]

The Amazon is burning – but maybe the answer isn’t to stop eating meat.

“Whether we or our politicians know it or not, nature is party to all of our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do" - Wendell Berry As stewards of the land, we have vowed to help speak for the earth and those […]

Getting into the Back to School Routine

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to return to back to school mornings. For the first time, as a parent, I’m part of the back to school rush. My son is almost 3 and starting his first school year. I’m new to this whole ‘end of summer’ thing and already starting to […]

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