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Flat Iron Steak with Ramp Chimichurri

Flat Iron Steak with Ramp Chimichurri

There is no surer sign of spring than when ramps begin to blossom from the dormant forest floor.  This wild edible is a fleeting but vibrant welcome to the season, the first indication that fresh fruits and vegetables are indeed in the not-too-distant future.  I am a big fan of the flat iron cut, it’s […]

Sure Signs of Spring: Ramps

As the cold melts away, one of the first signs of spring in the forests at Foxhollow Farm are ramps, a delicious wild leek that pops up in the woodlands of Kentucky in early spring. You will spot these wild edibles’ tulip-like leafy greens growing in patches in shaded areas of the woods.  Ramps are […]

Recipe: Pot Roast with Mushrooms

From hearty stews and flavorful roasts to juicy cuts great for sandwiches, roasts are always a great go-to to have in your freezer. Created by Farmer & Foodie collaborator and Foxhollow Delivery recipe-creator, Lindsey McClave, this Chuck Roast recipe is perfect for these early spring days, after a full day spent outside!   Serves 6 1 3-4lb Foxhollow […]

Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Who doesn't love meatballs? These are savory and comforting - the perfect dish for your next gathering. Created by Farmer & Foodie collaborator and Foxhollow Delivery recipe-creator, Lindsey McClave, this recipe definitely deserves a spot in your bring-a-dish-to-the-party rotation. Makes Approximately 30 Meatballs 1lb Foxhollow ground beef ¼ cup panko breadcrumbs ¾ cup heavy cream, divided  ¼ tsp […]

Better for the Animals, Better for You, Better for the Earth

Humane Farming We often think of biodynamic farming as chemical free, but did you know that biodynamic standards dictate farming is cruelty-free? Humane treatment of all farm animals is a requirement of biodynamic farming that is incredibly important, but often overlooked in articles on the methods. Biodynamic farming doesn’t look at animals as a means […]

Does Biodynamic Food Mean Healthy?

Soil Matters One of the major concerns of modern life is how we’ll feed the increasing number of people on our planet. Part of this concern comes from the depletion of soil nutrients due to ‘indiscriminate use of agro-chemicals over the past 5-6 decades,” which has “adversely affected soil fertility, crop productivity, produce quality and […]

Can Farming Heal the World?

“Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture, so if we’re going to really impact climate change, agriculture is the number one way to do that. If you build really healthy farms, they’re going to sequester carbon faster than taking every gas-guzzling car off the road.”  -Elizabeth Candelario, Demeter  Self Sustaining Ecosystems “The best fertilizer […]

The Value of a Side of Beef

Ever heard your granny talk about a side of freezer beef? Me neither! Which is saying something because my granny has eleven kids and why would you NOT have a side of freezer beef waiting for a quick and easy weeknight meal? Freezer beef, a side of beef, beef bundles, beef shares - ask your […]

Biodynamics – Wisdom of the Past, Vision of the Future

Before Organic there was Biodynamics Today, most people can find organic products and commodities in a local grocery store. The certified organic label is on products from meat to beets to soap to candy. Many people don’t know that before organic there was biodynamic - the oldest clean farming method in modern western agriculture. Biodynamic […]

Biodynamic Farming, A Profound Approach to Farming and Land Stewardship

Question: What do a 19th century philosopher and award-winning wines have in common? Answer: Everything. A Profound Approach to Farming and Land Stewardship If you’ve heard of biodynamics (before Foxhollow) it might be because wine producers were the earliest adopters of biodynamic practices in the U.S.. Many of these wine producers have established successful biodynamic […]

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