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Buying a Whole, Half, and Quarter Cow

Ever wonder what goes into buying a whole cow?

Ever wonder what goes into buying a whole cow?

How does buying a whole cow work?

How long will the beef last and do I have room in my freezer?

Here at Foxhollow Farm, we are building a business model that will last for generations and is best for us as farmers, our farmland, and you - 100% grassfed beef lovers! We came up with the beef shares program in order to give you a great deal and make it easier on us as far as marketing and distributing our beef goes.

Beef Shares are a great value, easy to customize, and we deliver them for free to the Louisville and Cincinnati areas. You can purchase ⅛ beef, ¼ beef, ½ beef, and whole  beef shares here beef shares here.

We get some frequently asked questions when it comes to purchasing our beef shares. So, here is our beef share Q & A:


What’s in a beef share?

Great questions. Check out this handy chart that breaks down exactly what is in our whole, half, quarter, and eighth beef share. Our beef cuts are broken down into perfect serving size cuts and wrapped up nicely in vacuum sealed packaging that will last for 1 year in a deep freezer.

How many boxes of beef are in a beef share?

⅛ beef = 2 boxes

¼ beef = 4 boxes

½ beef = 8 boxes

Whole Beef = 16 boxes

Can I customize my beef share?

We work very closely with our butcher friends at Memphis Meats Processing (Located just 25 minutes away in Memphis Indiana). When you purchase a half or whole beef share you can customize your cuts. If you want thicker steaks, your roasts ground into burger patties, boneless short ribs, or any other custom cuts we can pretty much satisfy any request. Even if you purchase a ¼ or ⅛ beef share, just give us a ring and we will do what we can to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your beef share.

Why Grassfed Beef?

Grassfed beef tastes amazing! It is also healthy for you and filled with the vitality of our Biodynamic Pastures.  Learn more... Learn more...

Is a Beef Share really a whole cow?

Yes, a whole beef share is an entire beef animal broken down into perfect serving size cuts of steaks, ground beef, roasts, and organ meats. However, it’s not a cow. Technically you will be getting a Steer (castrated boy beef cattle that is about 2 years old when processed) or a heifer (girl beef cattle that has not had a baby calf and is also about 2 years old when processed). These heifers and steers make the most tender, delicious, and juicy steaks!

Oh, and the 80/20 ground beef is to die for.