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A Complete Guide to Pavel’s Garden CSA in 2018

Pavel and his family lease 4 acres of land from Foxhollow as part of our Partner Grower program. Why do we have partner growers at Foxhollow? Lots of reasons: biodiversity, to heal the land, bring people together, and to share our farm with our community. Below is a complete guide to Pavel’s CSA. We hope you’ll consider joining – his vegetables are simply delicious! If you care as much about what goes into our bodies as we do, then we know you won’t be disappointed.

About the CSA

Pavel’s Garden has a small CSA that runs from late May through mid-November. A typical share includes 6-8 items per week. All of the produce is grown in the garden and harvested the day before pickup. A spring share could include items such as lettuce mix, swiss chard, kale, cabbage, radishes, salad turnips, baby beets, carrots, new potatoes, green garlic, spring onions, etc. A mid-summer share will of course include tomatoes and more tomatoes as well as other summer vegetables such as green beans, cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplant, squash, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, beets and chard. Fall vegetables range from sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cooking pumpkins, kale, chard, lettuce, turnips, beets, napa cabbage, watermelon radishes, broccoli, cabbage and more. There are a limited number of shares and they fill up quickly. At this time only full shares are offered, not half or partial shares (but you can share the share – ha! – with your friend or family member and divide it up yourself). Most CSA members pick up at the farm on Mondays between 4PM and 6PM.

When are the pickups?

There are two pickup days. ‘On Farm’ pickup is every Monday between 4 and 6 PM. A smaller ‘Market Pickup’ is every Saturday at the Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market. We have very limited space on Saturdays and this pickup usually fills up first. Members commit to either the Monday or Saturday pickup. 

How does it work?

CSA pickup is ‘Farmer’s Market Style’. This means that each week there are portioned-out veggies in baskets on a table. The member puts one of each item (eg: bags of salad mix, bunches of carrots, and single items like a pumpkin) into their own bag. There is always a chalkboard with a list of the items and someone manning the pickup in case there are questions on how to prepare the veggies. In addition, each week you will receivean  email with what you will be getting in your box, recipes and storage tips.


How many people does it feed?

In our experience, one share will feed a family of two to four depending on the amount of vegetables that family eats.

What is in a share?

Each week there are 6-8 items per share. An item could be a bunch (radishes, carrots, turnips, beets, kale, chard, etc.) or a bag (potatoes, lettuce mix, spinach, etc.) or an item could be something like 6 yellow squash or 1 pumpkin. Items and amounts will vary based on the season (early spring shares consist of more greens and might not be as hefty as a mid-summer share which could have tomatoes, potatoes, squash, peppers, greens, etc.

How much does it cost?

A CSA Share is $600.00 which averages out to $22.00 per week.

How do I pay?

Payment is accepted in the form of Cash or Check.

Please email us at or visit to subscribe for this year’s CSA!