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Foxhollow Farm
8905 Kentucky 329
Crestwood, KY 40014

Open: Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tel: (502) 241-9674

15 Miles north of Louisville, KY

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Curbside is Getting an Upgrade!

’Tis the season to dream of summer. Warm Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market, flowers and floppy hats, local art, fresh honey, and a fiddler in the background somewhere filling our spirits. Oh, what I would give for a sun-warmed tomato.

While we are not bringing a farmer’s market to Foxhollow, this season we are investing in Curbside Pickup, and by May 2022, it will officially become the Foxhollow Market.

Every Wednesday and Friday, from 3-6pm, we open a pickup location directly outside our big White Barn for online orders.

During curbside, we also take orders at the door! If you’re out running errands and don’t have time to place an order online, we are more than happy to process your order curbside. Please understand that ordering curbside will have a wait time of 5-15 minutes.

More than our delicious meats, we currently sell local honey, local eggs, Foxhollow-made red pepper flakes, tallow soaps, and garlic - with even more to come.

Curbside FAQs:

Can I pay for my online order with a card at Curbside Pickup?  Yes, we can email you a receipt.

Can I pay cash at curbside? Yes, although we are limited in our change and cannot break a $100 bill.

What else is sold at Curbside? We currently have cedar wood and lavender soap, red pepper flakes, local honey, local eggs, and garlic.

Can I place a meat order at Curbside Pickup? Yes, although we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular cut, and we ask your patience for 5 and 15 minutes to process and pack your order.

What do I do if I don’t see anyone working Curbside? Call us! 502-797-0005 - Someone will be out to help you momentarily.

When and Where is Curbside Pickup? Every Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Located at the large white barn: passing the office circle, follow the road to the right. You will pass gardens and a greenhouse.