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Did Someone Say Ribeye Sale?

A ribeye steak is a great winter steak. Winter is the time of year when I crave fat; Good, clean, grassfed beef fat! The crispy charred pieces of fat that develop when you grill a ribeye steak are one of those tiny delights in life that make me extremely happy. We’ve had some unusually warm days this January and at our house that means bring out the Green Egg! Ribeye steaks are equally as scrumptious seared on a cast iron pan and then popped into the oven on broil. You still get those crunchy, dark bits.


Ribeye steak comes from the rib primal section of the beef. It is without the bone and considered the best portion of the rib section. It is uber tender and flavorful. The muscle is not worked that much so that is where the tenderness some from. The inter muscular fat streaming throughout the steak adds an incredible depth of flavor and makes for some adventurous eating. When cutting into a ribeye steak, you end up with these succulent pieces of pure muscle mixed in with bits of juicy fat.


The Ribeye Bundle is the deal of the month. Check it out here.


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