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Nurturing the Young Child

Nurturing the Young

Caring for and supporting young children (birth to 7) can be challenging work! It calls us to bring our best selves forward, but this is not always easy. An understanding of child development and clear tools for supporting children at each unique developmental stage sets the child, and you, up for joy, peace, and success.

Led by long-time early childhood teacher, holistic childcare professional, and nutritionist Marybeth Legler, we will learn tools and techniques for holding a joyful space for children to thrive. In our two sessions, we will discuss:

*Child Development and Age Appropriate Expectations
*Nurturing the Sense of Well Being
*Creative Discipline and Redirection
*The Importance and Practice of Routine
*The Inner Work of the Caregiver/Our Unobtrusive Presence
*Storytelling, Singing, Finger Games and Seasonal Songs
*The Sensory Diet and the Importance of Rest

***This workshop is eligible for 6 CEUs!***


Cost: $75 per person, $100 with CEUs

Date: January 11, 2019, 6-8: 30 pm and January 12, 2019 9am-12: 30 pm (You must attend both sessions to receive all CEUS)

Location: Foxhollow Farm, 8905 Hwy 329, Crestwood, KY 40014

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