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Foxhollow Farm
8905 Kentucky 329
Crestwood, KY 40014

Open: Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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15 Miles north of Louisville, KY

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your cattle ever fed corn?
No, our animals eat only grass on our lush pastures. They never go to a feedlot.
Do you process your own animals?
We have a long & trusted relationship with Memphis Meats, a USDA approved, family owned business just across the river in Indiana. They process our animals with the same great care we take in raising them.
How is your meat packaged? Do you have to buy in bulk?
We sell ground meat, patties, steaks, and roasts in sizes perfect for an individual or family meal. Roasts are packages in 2-4 lb packages, and most other cuts are around one lb per package. You can buy as little as a pound of beef a la carte, and can buy as much as a whole cow, packaged to your specifications.
Is the meat frozen?
Our beef packages are sold frozen and vacuum-sealed. Our processor is able to freeze the meat much more quickly than our customers can an at home. This ensures nutrients and flavor are retained. If you would prefer to have meat that has not been frozen, you can request it through our Beef Salesperson by emailing
How long does it take to process a Bulk Beef Bundle?
We can fill most orders within a few business days. The exception is half and whole animals, which are cut to your specifications. After processing, your custom cuts must be aged to enhance flavor and texture. The entire process averages 2-3 weeks.
What kind of cattle do you raise?
Our cattle are a mix of Corriente, Barzona, Red Angus, & Jersey. Our Head Herdsman works to breed animals that will fare well in our changeable Kentucky climate and produce high quality meat.
What’s so special about grassfed beef?
Grassfed cattle consume only grasses and forage, the diet they were made to eat. Most of our customers say this results in tastier beef. It is leaner than grainfed beef, and contains more omega 3s. Our cattle roam 1,300 acres of lush land and are never put in feedlots. The cattle and the beef are never treated with chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.
How do I cook grassfed beef?
You can use grassfed beef in any of your favorite recipes. Grassfed beef is leaner than grainfed, and the lower fat content will effect your cooking times and styles. “Low and slow” works great for roasts. Steaks do well seared in butter. Grassfed burgers are best cooked rare to medium. Check out the American Grassfed Beef Association for more tips. Or here’s a good cookbook to have at home. Sure, you can buy this on Amazon, but if you buy it from Shannon, it directly supports her family farm.
I’m a chef. Do you sell to restaurants?
Many of Louisville’s finest restaurants, including Eiderdown, Mayan Café, Wiltshire on Market, and Decca feature our beef, and we’d love for you to try it! Contact for wholesale pricing and samples.
When can I visit?
The best time to visit is in the summer to check out our nature trail or our beautiful stone circle during the week from 9am-5pm. We hope to see you soon!
How do I get there?
Foxhollow is in Crestwood, just outside of Louisville, KY. Google Maps and Mapquest, etc will NOT take you the correct way, so make sure to use our Map and Driving Directions page.