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3 Ways to Boost Your Self Care

Schedules are hectic after summer fun comes to a close. We keep hearing about all those people “carving out me time” on their phone calendars. What does that mean, exactly? A spa day or week long golf vacation isn’t always the most realistic. At Foxhollow Farm, we strive to take time in simple yet effective […]

Sizzlin’ Wine Pairings

Looking for a great wine recommendation for the new Foxhollow Delivery Sizzler Box? In search of a complex vino that will compliment our delicious 100% Grassfed Beef, we turned to Sommelier Scott Harper of Cuvee Wine Table. Cuvee Wine Table uses Foxhollow’s Grassfed beef because “we love using locally sourced beef that is made in a naturally healthy […]

Young Chefs at Foxhollow

We had such a great time hosting young foodies for an interactive cooking class at the farm.  We dug potatoes from the garden, collected eggs and created a delicious meal of meatballs with Tzatziki sauce and roasted potatoes.  The kids enjoyed being a part of the entire process, from harvest to prepping ingredients and then […]

What’s the best way to say “thank you”?

Food… The most glorious gift to give and receive. Over the summer, I dog sat for a friend. I insisted they didn’t need to pay me, but three weeks later, there was a gorgeous box waiting for me at my doorstep.When I opened it up, I realized it was a gift from my friend and her dog! A […]

Blind Date with Foxhollow Delivery?

Have you been wanting to try Foxhollow Delivery but haven't wanted to commit? This month only, we are offering all one-time orders at the subscription price!It’s July, which means there is no better time for a summer fling. In the middle of summer, there’s no routine. Schedules are out the window, Friday’s are meant to […]

Get Cookin’ with Maggie and Lindsey!

Last month, several folks joined Lindsey and Maggie for a fun walk around our farm garden and created Beef & Veggie Dolmades from the goodies they harvested. We'd love to share our recipe!BEEF & VEGGIE DOLMADESMakes 32-40 DolmadesBeef Filling:1 lb grassfed ground beef20 large swiss chard leaves1 large clove garlic, minced¼ cup diced carrots¼ cup […]

6 Myths About Air Quality

Managing the 1,300 acres of land at Foxhollow Farm is a labor of love. Our teams brave the elements every day to maintain our fields. We take pride in sustaining an environmentally friendly farm, but still, the use of gas-powered farm equipment is practically unavoidable. How can we operate tractors, haybailers, trucks and a 1958 […]

3 Ways to Bring Local “Flavor” to Your Derby Party

It's Derby Week! Which means if you aren't headed to the track, you may be busy preparing for parties with friends and family, away from the crowds of Churchill Downs. While you can't really get more "local" than Derbytime in Kentucky, what about the food you choose to serve? Here are three ways to help […]

The Trouble With Eating Clean

I am constantly talking with my clients about how the quality of the food they eat now will affect the quality of their life later.  That the quality of the food eaten daily ranks higher than the quantity. The trouble with eating clean, or the most common complaint I hear from is expensive. So let's […]

What Makes You Thrive?

Once a month, our team enjoys Team Building and Education. The topics vary – we’ve done sales and marketing training, strengths finder training, goal-making, social media, and photography in the past few months. Yesterday, however, was my favorite; we learned about why Foxhollow chose to become a biodynamic farm, and what makes biodynamics so different and special. The […]

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