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Q&A with Farm to Fork’s Sherry Hurley

This summer Foxhollow Farm is partnering with Farm to Fork at the Sunset Concert Series to provide healthy locally sourced food options for concertgoers.  We caught up with the woman behind Farm to Fork, Sherry Hurley, to discuss the storied relationship between Foxhollow Farm, the Sunset Concert Series, and what the future holds for Farm to Fork.


Why work with Foxhollow Farm?

“One of my first private chef clients was Janey Newton. I provided food for workshops and worked out of the commercial kitchen at Foxhollow Farm for the first three years.  That was great because our focus is using locally sourced ingredients and I was able to get a lot of the vegetables from (Foxhollow) market gardeners, use 100% Grassfed Beef and introduce it to my future clients.”


What would you like to share about your business?

“Our focus is farm to table.  We believe that local ingredients have the most flavor, we can get them the freshest from the fields to our cooks hands.  They taste better, they look better, they have more vitality.

We started renting the commercial kitchen when Foxhollow Farm changed the business model, so we both kind of started at the same time.  Foxhollow was growing and we were growing, so we moved into our first big commercial kitchen of our own out by U of L.  For the next 5 years we continued to grow, doing larger events, a lot more weddings, needed more (kitchen) space, and had requests for a cafe or sit down restaurant; so we recently moved to the Portland neighborhood which we’re super excited about.  There are a lot of local food businesses and organizations involved in this area and we will be opening a storefront and cafe later this year.”


What are some of your favorite menu items with 100% Grassfed Beef?

“Meatloaf and Shepherds Pie are two favorites I used to make for Foxhollow Farm lunches and are absolutely perfect for winter.  For the Summer Concert Series, something that is really simple and delicious is an Italian styled pot-roast,  it’s cooked with red wine, carrots, celery, garlic, tomatoes, and served over grits or as a sandwich.  That’s one of my favorite easiest crowd pleasers.”


Say “hi” to Sherry and enjoy healthy locally sourced food from Farm to Fork this summer at the Sunset Concert Series.  Farm to Fork will  be joining Foxhollow on May 11thJuly 13thAugust 10th.  Keep an eye out for their new Portland location (2425 Portland Ave. 40212) opening it’s doors – early to mid summer.


Sunset Concert Series Passes on Sale

The Sunset Concert Series if just a couple months away.  Early Season Series Passes are on Sale now for $45 available at this price until February 28th only.  Pick up a pass and enjoy a summer of delicious and healthy local food from Farm to Fork.