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Meat Josh and Jared’s Chickens

Josh is awoken at 7 am by a call from the post office. Baby chicks tweeting in the background. Jared is already up and chasing his toddler, appropriately named Birdie, around the kitchen. It’s early spring, time to start raising their first batch of Cornish Cross pasture-raised meat chickens. 

Josh and Jared have been raising chickens on Foxhollow Farm’s Biodynamic pastures for the past two years. They saw the demand for pasture-raised chicken and decided to raise some extra tasty birds while healing the land. They work as a team, sharing responsibilities and coming together to get tasks done. It’s a family affair with children, wives, and even dogs pitching in to help.

Josh and Jared’s pasture-raised chickens take about 8-10 weeks to raise from baby chics to freezer ready. They decided to raise Cornish Cross chickens because of their robust flavor, broad breasts, and quick growth. Cornish Cross chickens are what you typically find in a grocery store. However, here at Foxhollow Farm, the chickens are free to express their natural instincts and are given a lot of love and attention. Josh and Jared’s Chickens live a low-stress life. They spend the first couple weeks in a brooder (a safe space out of the elements). Then, at two weeks old, the chics are moved out to pasture to spend their life roosting, foraging, and dust bathing. To ensure their safety while on pasture, the chickens are housed inside floorless portable coops, which Josh and Jared move daily to fresh grass. The top of the coop is covered and the sides are open to allow cool breezes, grasshopper snacks, and clean air to move in and out. While the chickens enjoy foraging about munching on bugs and grass, we also feed them a locally raised, non-GMO, high protein grain mix we get from our local mill. 

Our vision as a farm community is to eventually raise the whole menu while healing the land. Josh and Jared’s chickens bring us closer to that vision and have allowed us to truly appreciate the rich flavor of a well-raised chicken!