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Rose Veal Bundle


The Rose Veal Bundle Includes: 4 Rose Veal Ribeyes, 2 Pounds of Ground Rose Veal, and 2 packages of Rose Veal Brats (8 brats)

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The Berry Center’s Home Place Meats program is continuing the legacy of Wendell Berry’s agrarian vision.The Berry Center established Our Home Place Meat in 2017 to develop a cooperative for small to midsize livestock farmers to sell local meat to regional markets. They are based in Henry County Kentucky and are building a healthy food and farm model that can be replicated in communities throughout the country. 

Rose Veal calves are raised 100% on pasture, free to roam, with unlimited access to mother’s milk alongside the herd. Rose Veal is the designation for milk fed, grassfed yearling beef calves. The calves are raised specifically for their quality meat. The rose color comes from their muscle development following their mothers around verdant pastures. Their meat is tender and more flavorful than commercial industry veal calves that are taken from their mother at birth, placed in a cage, and fed formula.



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