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Sizzlin’ Wine Pairings

Looking for a great wine recommendation for the new Foxhollow Delivery Sizzler Box? In search of a complex vino that will compliment our delicious 100% Grassfed Beef, we turned to Sommelier Scott Harper of Cuvee Wine Table.

Cuvee Wine Table uses Foxhollow’s Grassfed beef because “we love using locally sourced beef that is made in a naturally healthy way and is delicious with our wines.” Foxhollow is proud to work with a restaurant that makes a commitment to local and high quality products.

Drumroll please… Scott’s top pick for wine is:

Carménère Marqués de Casa Concha, Peumo Valley, Rapel Valley, Chile, 2014                                 

The name Carmenere originates from the French word for crimson as Carmenere, once thought to be Merlot in Chile, is an ancient Bordeaux variety brought to Chile in the 1800’s from Bordeaux.  It is all but extinct in France, but thrives in Chile for its uniqueness and is found commonly in the Central Valley of Chile. Carmenere has soft tannins, deep red color, red and black fruit flavors, and an herbaceous character. This herbaceous character is decreasing and becoming more balanced as winemakers allow the grape to ripen longer. Its qualities are similar to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and of course Merlot hence it is often blended with them. Carmenere is a perfect accompaniment with locally raised 100% grassfed beef.

Whether you cook your beef in a cast iron skillet or on the grill, pour yourself a glass of this delicious wine to enjoy with your meal (and maybe while cooking, too!). Cheers!

Suggestion wine by Cuvee Wine Table’s Master Sommelier Scott Harper. Cuvee Wine Table is a small plates restaurant offering over 55 wine by the glass. 502 242 5200