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The Trouble With Eating Clean

I am constantly talking with my clients about how the quality of the food they eat now will affect the quality of their life later.  That the quality of the food eaten daily ranks higher than the quantity.
The trouble with eating clean, or the most common complaint I hear from is expensive. So let's put this cost in perspective.
Cattle are herbivores by nature. Their digestion system is designed to process and absorb the nutrients from grass. To increase production demand of meat from cattle, farmers began to feed cattle corn and soy products. A cow's stomach can not digest corn and soy properly, so farmers are encouraged to give the cows hormones and man made antibiotic injections to help the cows digest corn and soy.
But let's back it up one more step.  The corn and soy that is fed to cattle, is in high demand as well, it is being modified and injected in order to grow bigger, better and faster.
So the trail-line goes...modified corn and soy plants are fed to cattle. Cattle are injected with hormones to digest the corn and soy. Humans eat the modified and hormone injected meat. Now, I am not going to get deep into all the possible conditions that can come from eating modified, processed meat and foods.  You can google this yourself, the research and information is plentiful.
What I am going to touch on is the cost of medications you will be on after years of eating processed and additive filled foods. If we could get it in our mindset to weigh the cost of paying for quality food now as a preventive form of medicine, and avoid being on 13 costly medications at the age of 60+.
Too many of us are quick to settle for taking a pill to control blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolic disease conditions or any other problem that may arise from eating processed, additive filled, refined sugary foods. Then you complain about the cost of your monthly prescriptions! WELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
Invest in yourself. Buy quality foods such as grassfed beef, drink lots of water, move your body, improve your health and reduce your chances of being on medications later. It is actually pretty simple folks. You just have to do it.
Cynthia Williams
Owner of 502 FIT PASS502 FIT Corporate Wellness and Cynthia Williams Fitness
CPT, Functional Fitness Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist