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V Day, My Way!

V Day, My Way

I love love! And I love celebrating it. I’m not just talking about the mushy Hallmark movie love; but the quiet-strength-cozy-feeling-unconditional-support that comes from the everyday love of friends, family, sweet pets, and sometimes even coworkers (here’s to you my Foxy Fam!). All of this to say, Valentines Day has become one of my top favorite holidays in recent years; maybe it’s the fact that it happens mid-February, when Spring has started to softly whisper her way back after winter, or that I’m very fond of the color red. Regardless, there’s something about shiny red balloons, and sweet greeting cards, and heartshaped candies that makes me feel giddy with excitement this month.


Galentine’s Day

My most cherished tradition at this time of year falls on the day before Valentines Day, February 13. As made popular by Pawnee citizen extraordinaire, Leslie Knope, of Parks and Recreation (which, if you haven’t seen, do yourself a favor and log into Netflix and binge your heart out), February 13th has become known as GALentine’s Day - a day for celebrating your gals!

I love celebrating my gals! Whether it’s a night out with friends, or a cooked meal for my mom, or a long phone call from my cousin - I make sure to take time to remember and celebrate the love and support I have from the females in my life.


Start New Traditions

Now is the perfect time to start new Valentines/Galentines Day traditions! 2020 is the year that we’re letting go of not celebrating cause we don’t have a significant other - there is much more to this holiday than romantic love! One of my main ways of showing love is through cooking. Try making this No Flip Giant Blueberry Pancake at brunch with your girlfriends and split it over coffee and gossip, or a warm soup for Valentine’s Day lunch with your parents, or take your pup for a long walk. Whatever you do, be sure to take time to soak in the knowledge that you are loved.

Happy Valentines Day,