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Ways to Support Appalachia

Historic flooding has hit parts of Appalachia, including Eastern Kentucky, hard this past week.

Thousands of families have lost their homes and the region is in need of help. Below are businesses and foundations with links to ways that you can donate and support the people who have been affected by these floods.

Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky works to support communities, grow assets, and strengthen leadership. They are taking donations for emergency relief grants for families and businesses. You can learn more about them and donate here.


Appalshop works to preserve and educate through Appalachian arts. They have an extensive and updated list of places to donate money, supplies, and labor that you can find on their website here.

Appalachians for Appalachia

In their own words, "We harness the power of community through art, science, research and advocacy
To bring about the real change that is possible when diversity of thought is grounded in truth.
We honor the champions who paved our way
By bringing the next generation of Appalachians a space to center justice, equity, resilience and sustainability in our region."

They have worked to compile a GoogleDoc of places that are accepting donations and what they are looking for, and nonprofits accepting donated funds that can be found here.