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What Makes You Thrive?

Once a month, our team enjoys Team Building and Education. The topics vary – we’ve done sales and marketing training, strengths finder training, goal-making, social media, and photography in the past few months. Yesterday, however, was my favorite; we learned about why Foxhollow chose to become a biodynamic farm, and what makes biodynamics so different and special. The word biodynamics literally means the dynamics of life, but that doesn’t just mean on a farm. Biodynamics is what makes everything on earth thrive – plants, animals, and us. What makes you thrive? What makes you feel alive every day?

At the beginning of our session, our Vision Holder, Janey, placed several dozen postcards on the table and asked us to pick out the card with the image that represents, to us individually, the farm’s mission. What are we trying to do here? Below are our choices:

Here’s what we said: To serve. To honor. To create community. To innovate. To grow. To trust our intuition, the land, the animals, and the plants. To heal.

But WHY do we want to do these things?

My answer: For our children and for future generations. To model for them that things can be done a different way. To help them – and us – understand that slowing down, listening, and simply being together and present with one another, is okay. To honor the land by adding vital nutrients and minerals to our fields that allow natural processes to unfold how nature intended. To thrive and create harmony inside and around us by feeding our bodies food, activities, and experiences that are full of authentic life and vibrancy.

You likely already know that Foxhollow sells 100% Grassfed beef, has concerts in the summer, and has a rockin’ Fall Festival, but now you know why. Our farm is not just a business – our mission is “to create a thriving biodynamic farm community” where everyone can feel more alive, walk through our woods, eat our awesome beef, and learn what makes this earth so amazing. Everyone prioritizes their time and money on things they value. If you value some of the things mentioned in this post, come visit us soon! We promise you won’t want to leave. We never do!

Warmly, Katherine

What can you do here? Hike our nature trail. Attend our concerts. Walk our labyrinth. Meditate in our stone circle. Attend Baby Boot Camp on Tuesday mornings or Iyengar yoga on Thursday mornings. Look at our partner growers’ fields growing vegetables, flowers, and life. Stop in the Farm Center, say hello, and buy some beef. Rent our space for a party or a retreat. Register for Woodland Wee Folk with your child(ren). Read a book about biodynamics in our library.

Read more about biodynamics here.