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Our Mission

Foxhollow Farm’s mission is to create a thriving Biodynamic farm community. We raise 100% Grassfed Beef and are dedicated to growing healthy food and strengthening the relationship between human beings and nature.

Our Story

Since 2006, our family has used the best of Organic and Biodynamic methods on our farm. Our commitment to take better care of our land launched us into raising 100% Grassfed Beef on our 1300 acre farm. In keeping with the rhythms of nature, we are slowly building a herd that thrives on our particular piece of land. We are grateful for our cattle as they fertilize the earth and convert Kentucky grasses into food for our health.

Planting, weeding and harvesting became less about the dominance of the farmer, and more about the harmony between the farmer and the wisdom of the natural world. To paraphrase Wendell Berry, our farm is attempting to dissolve the wall between “nature” and “us”. Our team is made up of people, acknowledging and cultivating intimate relationships with the environment that is both around us and inside us.

–Janey Newton & Maggie Keith, Co-Founders and 3rd and 4th Generation Land Stewards

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