100% Bluegrass-Fed Beef: Freshly Frozen & Just Butchered

Bluegrass-Fed foxhollow farm
At Foxhollow Farm we process our bluegrass-fed cattle once a month. To increase tenderness and flavor, we age the sides of beef for two weeks. After two weeks, the butchers at Memphis Meat Processing get to work. At this family business, generations work side-by-side meticulously cutting the meat into steaks and roasts, or freshly grinding it into ground beef. Everything is vacuum-sealed and packaged with the Foxhollow Farm label. It’s at this point we have two options: keep the just butchered cuts freshly refrigerated or flash freeze them to lock in the flavor and allow for longer shelf life. There are many reasons why both just butchered and frozen beef make great options. Frozen beef allows for buying in bulk, thawing your cut as needed to maintain freshness. Just butchered, refrigerated beef, is ready when you need it. There is no need to remember to thaw that steak or ground beef before eating. Refrigerated beef is ready to cook! Unlike grocery store refrigerated meat that is shipped across the country (or world), our fresh beef is butchered in a USDA inspected processing facility just 33 miles from the farm and sold to you directly at the farm or the St. Matthews Farmer’s Market just days later. The quick turnaround time and proximity of butchering allow us to provide a nutrient rich product that stays fresh longer in your kitchen. Just another reason to support your local Kentucky cattle farmer! How to Buy: For the first time, we are offering select just butchered cuts at the St. Matthews Farmer’s Market! Our first “Just Butchered” day is May 9th, the first market of 2015. Subsequent days will fall on the first Saturday of the month for the remainder of the market season. Dates are as follows: June 6th, July 4th, August 1st, September 5th, and October 3rd. If you’d like to order a custom just butchered cut, we’re happy to help. Simply place an order by at least two weeks prior to the “Just Butchered” day you choose. Email grassfedbeef@foxhollow.com to place an order or for questions. These fresh meats have limited availability at the market, so place a pre-order or come early! Fresh orders can also be picked up at the farm. Just email grassfedbeef@foxhollow.com with your order by the 15th of each month and we will follow up regarding your fresh beef pick up date. Happy eating, Sarah, Foxhollow Beef Slinger Check out our 100% Bluegrass-Fed beef products!

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