Beating the Winter Blues

Blue Winters Foxhollow Farm

The whole world, it seems, is gray. Cold. Dreary. And my start-of-February mood matches the view from my window. Gray. Cold. Dreary. When grumping to my friends about this, it becomes clear that I am not the only one who feels this way. The cheer of the holidays is long passed, the garden is still sleeping, and the rebirth of spring feels 100 years away.

If nature is influencing our mood, perhaps we should heed her example. The woods are not dead, they are dormant. Resting, recharging for the explosion of life in the spring. Buried under a blanket of still, frozen earth lie hundreds of spring bulbs (I know– I planted them myself) storing up their energy for a dazzling though ephemeral display. The horizon, upon closer inspection is tinted with hues of winter pinks and delicate lavender. The earth is focusing on herself- her own wellness- recharging so that she will be ready to support the flourish of life in the coming seasons.

We can learn from her. We, in the bleak quiet of February, need to stop, recharge, and focus on our own wellbeing. Be still and focus inward so that you will be ready to welcome the coming bustle of spring. Gather with a small group of like-minded individuals and take part in a heart identifying wellness practice. Let yourself take an introspective journey through meditation, through a singing bowl or drumming practice. Try a yoga class or a Cacao Ceremony. Learn to listen to your body with a biofeedback specialist. Find your balance and inner peace to give you the foundation to support all the lives you touch.

I am blessed to share an office space with many inspiring and amazing healers who are committed to helping us find the path to our own peace and strength. As the farm rests, now is the time to explore or revisit wellness practices to help you recharge. Will you join us?

We welcome you to join us for an evening of self care and wellness at the farm during our Galentine's event. Find tickets here!

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