My First Beef Bundle Experience

My First Beef Bundle Experience

My First Beef Bundle Experience. The first Foxhollow Farm steer we processed was in the fall of 2006. I was in college in Boone, North Carolina at the time. While finishing up my senior year, I was deep in the research and development stage of a business plan to market and sell Foxhollow Farm’s 100% Grassfed Beef. My Mom and I split that first steer among our family with each of us receiving ⅛ of the beef to taste test and share with friends around our dinner tables. I remember asking my dear friend, Liza, to bring the ⅛ beef share to me in North Carolina. Conveniently, she happen to be making the trek from Louisville to Boone for her cousin’s wedding.

“You want me to fit ⅛ cow in my Volkswagen Jetta?!? Are you sure Maggie?” Liza exclaimed. I wasn’t sure, I had never ever laid eyes on a ⅛ beef bundle. “Of course it will fit in your car!” I replied. My enthusiastic entrepreneurial aspirations would not allow this transaction to fall through. I needed my ⅛ beef!

The ⅛ beef bundle, chocked full of a variety of cuts, ended up fitting in the trunk of Liza’s Jetta. When the boxes of beef arrived, I was pleased to see the ground beef was vacuum sealed in 1 lb packs and the roasts and steaks were packaged in portions perfect for me and my roommates. Pushing the frozen pizzas and ice cream aside, I filled our side by side freezer with chuck roasts, strip steaks, short ribs, flat iron, stew meat and ground beef and thawed a few cuts for a welcoming fall feast. I invited friends over for a sampling of oven broiled ribeye steaks with red wine sauce, sirloin steak kabobs, cuban style picadillo, my grandma’s famous pot roast and my aunt’s beef bolognese. Everyone left with full bellies and a new appreciation for how cattle were raised and why it was important to choose 100% Grassfed Beef...It is incredibly tasty!

We rotate our cattle throughout the pastures and fall’s grasses are chock full of sugars and proteins that finish our cattle to perfection. We never give our cattle added hormones or antibiotics. We raise our beef in the healthiest way possible for the land, the animals, and our fellow human beings. Biodynamic agriculture inspires us daily. I hope you enjoy your beef bundle as much as I did back in the fall of 2006.

Thank you for supporting our family farm!
Maggie Keith, 4th generation steward

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