From Our Farm to Your Door

Maggie Keith Foxhollow Farm
From Our Farm to Your Door. After months of talking with our customers and meditating on Foxhollow’s mission, I am excited to introduce Foxhollow Delivery. Foxhollow Delivery is the easiest way to get Foxhollow Farm’s 100% Grassfed Beef right to your front door. With selections of cuts curated to meet your needs, Foxhollow Delivery’s subscription service can bring the perfect box of local Grassfed Beef to you every month or every once in a while. By signing up for Foxhollow Delivery, you are directly supporting our Biodynamic farmland, our happy herd of cattle, my family and the families that work and live here at Foxhollow Farm. I’m the proud mother of a 9-month old baby boy. He is the absolute light of my life…but he’s also very distracting when I’m trying to check items off my to-do list. It was on a grocery shopping trip to the farmer’s market where I was trying to juggle my son, a diaper bag, my wallet, and a bag full of produce that it occurred to me. We can make this easier. Foxhollow Delivery makes it simple to save time and effort and still get the Kentucky-raised Grassfed Beef we love. We created Foxhollow Delivery to make it easier for busy people who balance work and family, and still want to serve delicious, local food from their kitchen table. When it comes to my loved ones, whether it’s my family or a bunch of my friends, I want to serve them quality, local ingredients. Sometimes it’s almost impossible for me to source all of those ingredients before the weekend rolls around—and I even work on a farm! I curated two different Grassfed Beef boxes to choose from, so no matter who you’re serving there’s a hassle-free option for you. My goal with Foxhollow Delivery is to allow more folks in my community to spend time with friends and family, not in the car. Learn more about subscribing for a monthly Grassfed Beef delivery from Foxhollow Delivery, or give it a try with a one-time box. -Maggie

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