Lamb Recipe Round Up!

Lamb Recipe foxhollow Farm

Lamb Recipe Round Up! Can you believe it's March already? Spring is just a few weeks away, the days are getting longer, and it won't be long before we're complaining about (or possibly enjoying, though not me!) the oppressive humidity again. The joys of living in Kentucky!

In honor of March arriving, and St. Patrick's Day and Easter coming up, I'd like to offer a lamb recipe-roundup of sorts because springtime is when our 100% grassfed lamb is most popular and available for purchase! Until coming to work at the farm, I don't think I ever experimented with cooking lamb, but over the past few months, I've tried several new recipes. Here are a couple of my favorites so far:

Every Tuesday at my house is Taco Tuesday. Our normal menu is either carnitas or ground beef, but last week I made some ground lamb instead. If you're looking to "spice up" your taco night and try something different, these lamb tacos are fabulous. The kids were leery because our taco nights are sacred to them, but they tried it and liked it! I also plan on trying some lamb sloppy joes very soon!

On Sundays, I like to attempt a "traditional Sunday dinner" (I'm somewhat of an Anglophile) with potatoes, carrots, and gravy - sometimes even Yorkshire puddings! While our preferred cut of meat is a chuck roast from Foxhollow, of course, last month I made a lamb roast. The key to a lamb roast, like any roast, is low and slow, so you need to make sure you thaw it out ahead of time (hint: set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself!). Easy recipes are key for me to actually want to *try* the recipe, and this lamb roast fulfills that criteria. The whole family loved it! Also, this site has lots of links to other ideas.

I have a tendency to get in a dinner rut and make the same things repeatedly (which the kids don't mind, for the most part), and experimenting with lamb helped me get out of the rut. I encourage you to experiment in the near future - it really makes dinnertime more interesting, as long as you have a semi-willing audience!

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