Let’s Talk Tallow

Tallow Foxhollow Farm

Tallow is a saturated animal fat you’ll want to keep stocked up in your pantry for its *countless* uses!

Our beef suet(fat) is very easy to render into tallow and way cheaper than buying oils like olive, palm, or coconut. Compared to oils which need to be considerably processed (grown in monocultures, harvested, pressed, filtered, bottled, and transported to you from far away places) beef tallow can be produced locally(hello!) and easily processed at home in a slow cooker. It’s natural, unprocessed, and an extremely sustainable ingredient!

So, how can I use it?

Want the best damn French fries of your life? No? Look away.

Here’s The Tallow Queen, Marisa. from Bumblebee Apothecary’s recipe^ along with this fun lil’ fact:

“Back in the day, McDonald’s used to fry their French fries in it. Eventually, animal rights activists pressured them to switch to “vegetable” oils (which are not vegetable oils at all, but are inflammatory, toxic, industrial seed oils). They flavor the “vegetable” oil with MSG. What a shame!

Making French fries with grass fed beef tallow is such a better idea. You get all of the wonderful health benefits of grass fed beef. And the flavor is naturally phenomenal! No need for MSG or any other artificial flavorings. And no health destroying, inflammatory, industrial seed oils. Just pure, beef tallow fries deliciousness. And no guilt!” We agree with you, Marissa!

It is a wonderful lactose-free alternative to butter, and is great for high-temp cooking and frying. Think fried chicken, onions rings, and veggies like parsnips and carrots. Better yet, drizzle is on your toast like olive oil…but better.

Looking for some fun, sustainable crafts to do? Tallows got you, baby!

1.Tallow Candles!

Make emergency candles or add it to beeswax to cut down on expenses.

2. Tallow Soap!

Enjoy this long-lasting soap with a gentle creamy lather, made from our very own suet from Foxhollow Farm.

3. Tallow Laundry Soap!

A University of Washington study found most of the top-selling laundry products all emitted at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws. YIIIIIKES!

4. Tallow Balm!

Using it to make skin care is actually something that is centuries old. Today, people have been rediscovering the benefits of tallow for skin.

I could go ON and ON about how awesome this stuff is, but try it for yourself! It’s currently on sale for $1lb YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! I’m not yelling, I’m just excited for you.

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