Serving Our Community One Pound of Beef at a Time

sereving our community foxhollow farm
On a sunny, crisp Tuesday in October 2017, the entire Foxhollow Farm team decided to hand out 150 one pound packages of our ground beef at the Dare to Care Smoketown Grace Hope Mobile Pantry. We took to our stations, handing out pantry staples like cereal and rice, as well as a few butternut squash and carrots. As people approached the coolers of beef, we heard stories of grandma's meatloaf, spaghetti with meatballs, and grilled hamburgers at family gatherings. Farm fresh 100% Grassfed Beef was a real hit at this pantry, and we were determined to figure out how to bring more fresh food to the 1 in 6 individuals in our community at risk of hunger who Dare to Care Food Bank serves.
The symbiotic relationship we have built with Dare to Care Food Bank syncs up with the rhythm of the farm. As we cull cows in the fall, we build up a large supply of ground beef. Fall is also when families start to crave nourishing meals with protein. Culling cattle is vital to strengthening and maintaining our herd. We sort and choose animals, mostly female cows, based on an array of factors that our head herdsman, Derek, has come up with that work best for our herd and our piece of land. Some reasons include: the cows are no longer productive, they have an inferior genetic make up, they are bad tempered, etc.
We have incorporated a model into our business plan for supplying 100% Grassfed Beef to Dare to Care that not only brings beef that is hormone and antibiotic-free to hungry people across our community, but also supports our herd, our mission, and our core values. Because of the high demand for steaks through Foxhollow Delivery, we are left with one pound packages of beef that we can donate to Mobile Pantries. The influx of ground beef from culling cows combined with the generosity of our processor, Memphis Meats who donate a portion of the processing fees, we are able to match market price and sell our bulk ground beef to Chef Jon at Dare to Care’s Kids Cafe.
Ground beef brings joy to peoples’ hearts from all walks of life and we are ever thankful to have a community that supports our farm. The next time you purchase some of our beef or come to our annual Fall Festival, please know that you are also supporting Dare to Care Food Bank. Families are bringing home beef to be cooked and shared at home and Chef Jon is making Chili, egg noodles with meat sauce, and lasagna to warm the bellies of children all over our community.

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