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Maggie Keith
Grassfed Beef Matters

Why 100% Grassfed Beef Matters

If you’ve tried or wanted to try grassfed beef, but don’t understand how it’s better for you, this is the post for you. First, let’s define “grassfed.” Technically, all cattle are fed grass for part of their life. Cattle were designed to eat and digest grass, but many farms use grain feed to help the animals gain weight and get ready for slaughter faster. As cattle expert Temple Grandin put it, “feeding cattle grain is sorta like a diet of cake and cookies.” But a diet of cake and cookies is no better for cattle than it is for humans....

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Phebe McDermott
Flat Iron Foxhollow Farm

What in the world is a Flat Iron?

Flat Iron. It's in all Foxhollow Delivery boxes this month, and is 100% an under-appreciated steak. When cooked right, it's tender and complex. So what is it and why haven't you heard of it? Flat Iron is actually one of the newest steaks to be "discovered!" In 2002, this new cut (previously just tossed into ground beef) became famous. You may not know this, but since 1985 farmers have paid $1 per head of each cattle they sell. This money goes towards promoting beef marketing and research. Part of this beef research, spearheaded by two scientists at the University of...

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