3 Benefits of a Beef Share

beef share benefits foxhollow farm

It used to be commonplace for families to purchase a hog or cow from their neighbor farmers. They’d store it away in the chest freezer and have a piece of mind knowing there was enough meat to last the entire year. That fell by the wayside as large supermarkets, busier lifestyles and online stores became the norm. We strive to reconnect families to the source of their food while offering simplicity and convenience to the process of eating locally. Purchasing beef in bulk via a beef share is cost-effective, allows for easier meal prep, and is a great way to find a new favorite cut!

As a small, family farm, beef shares are essential for us to provide local, fresh beef to our community. Here are three reasons why purchasing a beef share matters:

Better for the animal. It starts at the source. Cattle are meant to be raised on pastures full of fresh grass, not pumped with hormones and grain. Our cattle live their lives on acres of green pasture in Oldham County, Kentucky. We use rotational grazing methods which allow the growth of healthy grasses and lively soil. Our herd is free from hormones, antibiotics, and grain, and our grass is free from herbicides, pesticides, all any other chemical "-cide" found in conventional beef.

Better for you. Healthy cattle means healthy beef! Our 100% grassfed beef is free from all of the ick you don't want and full of the vitamins and minerals you do. It is leaner than conventional beef and much tastier.

Better for the planet. Our herd of approximately 650 cattle is vital to the health of the land at Foxhollow Farm. The herd also does a very important job for us; the jerking and tearing of grass with each bite (and their saliva!) actually works to stimulate the roots and promote even more growth, in ways that a lawn mower just can’t do. Their manure is the best fertilizer we could ask for, and they spread it all over the pasture for us, trampling it into the soil with their hooves. Also, purchasing from a local farmer cuts down carbon emissions required to ship conventional beef across the United States; our beef comes from our farm to your door!

Interested in trying out a share? Check out our beef share options!

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