The Value of a Side of Beef

Beef Bundle Boxes

The Value of a Side of Beef

Ever heard your granny talk about a side of freezer beef? Me neither! Which is saying something because my granny has eleven kids and why would you NOT have a side of freezer beef waiting for a quick and easy weeknight meal? Freezer beef, a side of beef, beef bundles, beef shares - ask your granny, she’ll know.

Buying beef in bulk can be an exciting, yet somewhat daunting, investment. Stocking your freezer with humanely-raised, 100% grassfed and finished beef guarantees you a steady supply of comforting, delicious, and protein packed meals, without having to fret about sifting through the Kroger beef section at 6 o’clock on a weekday.

Monetary Value

Buying an ⅛, ¼, ½, or whole cow is good for your belly and good for your bank account! Who doesn’t love a good deal? By purchasing a beef share, you’ll end up with a larger amount of beef for a lower price per pound, leaving extra money in your pocket for things like a dinner out (when you’ve exhausted yourself cooking all your new beef recipes).

Derek Cooking Side of Beef

Health Value

Part of the reason granny may be so partial to a side of beef is because it’s what she grew up eating! Beef shares from local farms were commonplace back in the day. It’s time we get back to our roots! 100% grassfed and finished beef is lower in calories and saturated fat, high in vitamins A and E, and rich in taste and protein - as compared to today’s conventional, grain-fed beef. Plus! Our cattle are raised without hormones on biodynamic pastures, so you’re not second-hand ingesting chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones that cattle from a traditional feedlot consume. A beef share ensures that this healthy and vitamin rich meat is just at your fingertips for every meal!

Moral and Farm Value

The commitment to the health of our herd, and our consumers (that’s you!), leads us to raise our cattle differently from conventionally raised beef. We don’t rush maturity with growth hormones, we don’t fatten them with grain, and we don’t fill healthy animals with antibiotics, because healthy cows on fresh pastures don’t need them. So when you drive by Foxhollow and see the cattle in the field (and inevitably yell “cows!” cause who doesn’t?) you can know that they are happy and healthy and being raised in the best way possible.

Derek Hand Touch Grass Side of Beef

Purchasing one of our beef shares is the perfect way to get your humanely raised, grassfed beef, while supporting a local family farm - something granny would be proud of!

Check out our 100% grassfed beef.

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