“My heart is strong again, thanks to a cow!”

Foxhollow Farm Heart

Audrey’s Story

It was a typical Friday at Foxhollow when I received the COOLEST email ever…

“A friend of mine, Audrey Smith, recently had an aortic valve replacement that saved her life. The valve she received came from a cow's heart . Since then, we have celebrated her recovery by honoring beef hearts as a star dish of the meal. I can think of no greater source of beef hearts than Foxhollow Farm, I hope you can be my new supplier!”

Benefits of Eating Nose to Tail

I was so excited to receive this because I’m extremely passionate about the nose-to-tail movement. I’m constantly asking people who buy our organ meat what they do with it. To our surprise, it’s their favorite cuts, that slash costs of regular, more expensive cuts of meat (and their kids have no idea they’re eating lengua tacos!). Organ meat is an incredible addition to your diet. It is packed with nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and folate, and it’s an excellent source of iron and protein. Grassfed beef heart is a powerhouse source of CoQ10; a nutrient shown to combat oxidative stress, improve energy, and slow signs of aging!


Famous restaurateur Fergus Henderson said, “If you’re going to kill the animal, it seems only polite to use the whole thing.” I couldn’t agree more. Environmentally conscientious consumers, chefs, and farmers are leading the way in sustainable nutrition; and we want to provide information and classes to help educate our community on the benefits and best practices for cooking organ meat.

When I asked Audrey her opinion on the matter she said, “I believe in using every part of an animal if we kill it, but had not tried beef heart prior to my surgery because I didn't know how to cook it. :) I'd tell folks that if it is prepared appropriately, it is tender and delicious! It melts in your mouth!”

We LOVE how Audrey and her friends pay homage to the animal’s life, the animal who she shares a heart with.

Audrey After Surgery Audrey 2 Days After Surgery

“I am 51 years old, and 11 years ago I was first diagnosed with a congenital heart defect: I had a bicuspid aortic valve instead of a tricuspid aortic valve. For 11 years my doctors kept tabs on my heart and blood vessels, because I also have genes for high cholesterol and atherosclerosis, which would inevitably make a heart valve replacement necessary.

On October 29, 2018, my aortic valve had developed severe stenosis so I underwent valve replacement surgery. I had discussed replacement valve options with my doctor and together we decided a cow valve was the right choice for me (instead of a mechanical valve or a pig valve). It was a very tough surgery with a long recovery. I was unable to return to work until February 2019. But I feel great now, and my heart is strong again, thanks to a cow!

I am thrilled that you can provide us with cow hearts for our future get-togethers, because my tribe are all lovers of the environment and of animals, and we love your farm’s business model.” - Audrey

Next Steps

Consider how you could use these less popular cuts of meat from grassfed, sustainable producers. It’ll be new territory but you’ll know the animal was raised humanely, and its life didn’t go to waste. Let us know if you’re interested in taking nose to tail classes here at our farm!

Below there is a video on how to prep the heart followed by some delicious recipes for your next cooking adventure!

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