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Heather Mattingly
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3 Benefits of a Beef Share

It used to be commonplace for families to purchase a hog or cow from their neighbor farmers. They’d store it away in the chest freezer and have a piece of mind knowing there was enough meat to last the entire year. That fell by the wayside as large supermarkets, busier lifestyles and online stores became the norm. We strive to reconnect families to the source of their food while offering simplicity and convenience to the process of eating locally. Purchasing beef in bulk via a beef share is cost-effective, allows for easier meal prep, and is a great way to...

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Phebe McDermott
Beef Bundle Boxes

The Value of a Side of Beef

The Value of a Side of Beef Ever heard your granny talk about a side of freezer beef? Me neither! Which is saying something because my granny has eleven kids and why would you NOT have a side of freezer beef waiting for a quick and easy weeknight meal? Freezer beef, a side of beef, beef bundles, beef shares - ask your granny, she’ll know. Buying beef in bulk can be an exciting, yet somewhat daunting, investment. Stocking your freezer with humanely-raised, 100% grassfed and finished beef guarantees you a steady supply of comforting, delicious, and protein packed meals, without...

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