Heather Mattingly
Finding Awareness Foxhollow Farm

Finding Awareness this Fall

Finding Awareness this Fall. Morning routines and rhythms bring predictability to our days. Whether your mornings involve children or pets, workouts, or simply walking to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, our day often begins with a comfortable sequence of events that get us out the door. The smallest, seemingly insignificant moments give us the opportunity to bring awareness to what's going on inside. Many of us hold on to thoughts that make us suffer and cause stress, worry, frustration, or fear ... or if we're in a good place that day, maybe joy or gratitude or excitement. Regardless...

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Heather Mattingly
Biodynamic Beef Farming Foxhollow Farm

Celebrating 15 Years of Biodynamic Beef Farming!

Celebrating 15 Years of Biodynamic Beef Farming! On September 1st, our farm community gathered for a celebratory lunch on the Concert Lawn. Our meal was lovingly prepared by Sherry Hurley, whose successful catering business, Farm to Fork, launched fifteen years ago at Foxhollow, around the same time our first herd of cows arrived. After the meal, our Vision Holder, Janey, said a few words to recognize Sherry and the importance of the fifteen-year anniversaries. Her words spoke to the beginning of Foxhollow's journey with biodynamic agriculture and how although developing a relationship with the land was key, one key component...

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Jennifer Smith
Sneaking Veggies Foxhollow Farm

Sneaking Veggies Past Your Miniature Gatekeepers

Sneaking Veggies Past Your Miniature Gatekeepers. We’ve all seen it. A tiny tyrant spies a vegetable on the plate and point-blank refuses to try it. That resolute “No” is exasperating! And let’s admit it—sometimes we’re the tiny tyrant—reaching for comfort food when we know a veggie is a healthier choice. Good news—these sneaky recipes are the perfect way to get your food pyramid covered. Whether you’re tricking your kid (or yourself) don’t be surprised when the plates are picked clean! Hot Dogs with Instant Pot Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Mac & Cheese is an all-ages perennial favorite. This recipe plays...

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Phebe McDermott
Foxhollow Delivery

Foxhollow Delivery - We'll Meat You There

Foxhollow Delivery - We'll Meat You There. Some of my best memories are from the end-of-summer-break beach trip my family always took to North Carolina. It was always the best part of summer, sinking my toes in the sand and forgetting about my back to school worries. We recently went on a beach trip, earlier this summer, and it was so great to be able to get back out into the world again after last year’s quarantine. The worst part though? In our excitement to get to the beach, we didn’t plan ahead and ended up going to the grocery...

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