Celebrating 15 Years of Biodynamic Beef Farming!

Biodynamic Beef Farming Foxhollow Farm
Celebrating 15 Years of Biodynamic Beef Farming! On September 1st, our farm community gathered for a celebratory lunch on the Concert Lawn. Our meal was lovingly prepared by Sherry Hurley, whose successful catering business, Farm to Fork, launched fifteen years ago at Foxhollow, around the same time our first herd of cows arrived. After the meal, our Vision Holder, Janey, said a few words to recognize Sherry and the importance of the fifteen-year anniversaries. Her words spoke to the beginning of Foxhollow's journey with biodynamic agriculture and how although developing a relationship with the land was key, one key component has been lacking: relationships between people! From our website:
"Biodynamic agriculture is concerned with the whole ecosystem of the farm. The goal of a biodynamic farm is that everything needed for the health of the soil, plants, and animals comes from the land. A wide variety of farm animals, wildlife, birds, trees, plants, and bugs help to create this self-nourishing model. The ideal is that the various parts of the farm are interconnected and supportive of one another."
Since 2006, Foxhollow has aligned with the farm's mission to develop a thriving biodynamic farm community, focusing on relationships between the farmers, the land, and the animals. Foxhollow is self-nourishing in a variety of ways, but the list above fails to mention that *humans* help nourish the land, as well - not just the wildlife and the plants. The people we invite to share our space, and the community we foster on our land all contribute to the farm ecosystem physically and energetically. Janey was excited to point out how the newest members of our community offer gifts that contribute to the farm's ecosystem, and that's something that we haven't focused on in the past.
Two years ago, we welcomed Ms. Marybeth and Bluebird Cottage School, and now we benefit from hearing the children play on a daily basis. In July, we welcomed two new practitioners into our Farm Center - Jenny, a spiritual medium, mentor, and Certified Crystal Healer, and Beth, a Certified Reiki Master, Teacher, and Certified Crystal Healer.

Yoga with Jeanne is coming back in a few weeks, and our front office previously known as the Fox Shop is slowly transitioning into our Community Enrichment Office - a space for both visitors and residents to come in (eventually!) with questions and learn about how we are living our mission here at Foxhollow. Our Partner Growers, our Farm Team, and our residents and their families all contribute to Foxhollow's energy, and right now, it feels amazing!

For more information about any of our new community members and their offerings, please contact community@foxhollow.com.

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