Along the Nature Trail

Nature Trail Foxhollow Farm

Our nature trail is a farm favorite year round, but my favorite time to go down the winding trail is during the summer months. The tree canopy offers a break from the beating sun while you walk through a sea of green. From Ash trees to Ebony Jewelwing, the biodiversity is astounding. Here are my favorite plants, insects, and trees along the trail:

I love to look for Pawpaw’s on the trail! This Kentucky native is found in forests as an understory tree. It’s a small tree species that some would even consider a shrub! The oblong leaves are hard to miss, and the fruit is ready towards the end of summer. Pawpaw fruits are snacked on by deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, and humans alike. Keep your eye out on the nature trail for Pawpaw fruit during August-October.

See a flutter of green iridescent shine flying past you on the trail? Chances are it is an Ebony Jewelwing! These beautiful damselflies are found all along the trail, most likely close to the stream or pond. Keep your eyes out next time on the nature trail to spot this magnificent damselfly!

There is a section of the nature trail where you are surrounded by baby sugar maple trees. This new growth is indicative of the future, of the potential of this forest. New growth is so important to this mature woodland to save birds, insects, and other animals that call the nature trail their home. It is our duty to protect these woods, and you can truly feel hope for a better future when you are under these maples. Take a moment and stand by these maples, envision a future where we protect mother nature together.

Often I find myself caught up in the busyness of life, of the constant to-do's and place to be. The nature trail is a good walk to remind myself to stay grounded in our mission. Everything we do is interconnected, and we do it for the soil, plants, woodlands, ponds and streams, domestic and wild animals, and people. I feel driven, hopeful, and unbelievably calm after a stroll down the nature trail. I encourage you to go for a walk on the nature trail and see what arises for you!

While you visit the natural trials on the farm, swing by the Foxhollow Market to grab farm goodies.

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