Foxhollow Delivery - We'll Meat You There

Foxhollow Delivery

Foxhollow Delivery - We'll Meat You There. Some of my best memories are from the end-of-summer-break beach trip my family always took to North Carolina. It was always the best part of summer, sinking my toes in the sand and forgetting about my back to school worries.

We recently went on a beach trip, earlier this summer, and it was so great to be able to get back out into the world again after last year’s quarantine. The worst part though? In our excitement to get to the beach, we didn’t plan ahead and ended up going to the grocery a lot. Whether it was a forgotten item or ingredients for the night's dinner - there was always a reason to head to the Kroger down the street.

Luckily, Foxhollow Delivery now has us covered! You can pick from 9 different box options and have it sent straight to your AirBnb - no hauling cooler in the back of the minivan or on the plane, and no need to worry about where that Kroger meat is coming from. My pick? The Build Your Own Box which lets me choose the cuts that I want and that I know my family will like. My go-to's are the whole chicken, ribeye steaks, and chuck roast!

Plan ahead and you can know exactly what you’ll be putting on the table each night of vacation, which can lead to less time at the grocery and more time in the sand!.

Check out our Foxhollow Delivery options here and email us at with any questions.

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